How To Stop Snoozing And Get More Done

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(Or if you're like me, a short music piece that sounded nice when you chose it but you now hate)

It's time to get up!  

A new day awaits!  

But the bed is SOOO warm and cozy and you can hear the rain smash against the window.  

You think to yourself, "just 5 more minutes and I'll be ready". 

So you hit that lovely snooze button which lets you sleep for 5 more minutes.

This goes on until you gone from having an hour to get ready to 15 minutes. 

Now you have to rush out of bed, grab your breakfast to-go and hurry off to work!

And finally at work, you're in a bad mood. The day did not start out as planned and you feel tired even though you got that extra 45 minutes of "sleep".

Why is it so hard to just stop snoozing when it's not even good for you? 

Don't Worry, You're Not The Only One!

What was described above was pretty much my morning routine for the last years.

Every evening I sat my alarm and thought to myself, "tomorrow I will get up the second the alarm goes off". 

But every morning it was the same. The alarm would go off and I would hit the snooze button. This I did at least 3-5 times before getting out of bed. 

I had 2 alarms on my phone just in case I happen to turn one off. Both set for 10 minutes snoozing and the time between them was 5 minutes. Which means I had an alarm going off every 5 minutes. 

Even though 5 minutes is pretty short I manage to fall asleep between every alarm. 

This meant I was just as tired every time it went off and it was never "easier" to get up. 

Un top of this, I also could hit snooze without being fully awake. So sometimes I wasn't even fully aware of that I was snoozing.

This morning routine did not help to improve my days!

Every day I was tired until lunch unless I had something really interesting to do. And there was always less energy in the morning. I also felt bad for not manage to stop snoozing. 

I knew something more had to be done. Something more than trying to beat it with thought power. 

And I found a great way!

How To Stop Snoozing And Get More Done

If you have the same problem with getting up in the morning as I had you might think you need something like this:

But the good news is that you don't!

You don't have to build something fancy or buy some expensive new alarm clock. There is an easier and more effective way!

  • Sleep cycle App on your phone

As you might know, we go through cycles when we sleep. The thing about the Sleep Cycle App is that it monetizes your sleep and tries to wake you up when you have the easiest to wake up.

I tried an App named Sleep Cycle which cost a small sum when you download it. Great app and works very well. 

You set an alarm when you want to get up. 30 minutes before that time the App starts to monetize your sleep to find the optimal time to wake you up. If you don't reach a good state during these 30 minutes it will just wake you up like a normal alarm clock on the time you set. 

By waking up like this it will feel more like waking up by yourself. 

The only problem I had was that I didn't like waking up earlier than I had to. Which meant if the alarm went off too early I just snoozed and ruined it all. So I stopped using this after a couple of months.

  • Timer on the coffee machine

The smell of freshly brewed coffee can work miracles on a tired soul. So by preparing the coffee machine before you go to bed and put a timer on it, you can wake up to the smell of coffee.

This will make it easier to make that rough decision to get out of bed! 

  • Alarm Clock with build in Lamp

I know I said that you wouldn't need to buy any fancy stuff but this could be an exception. The way it works is that it is supposed to work like a rising sun. It gradually increases the light to have full light when the alarm goes off.    

A great way to wake up if you use curtains. Now the room will be lit without you having to get flashed when you turn the lights on. And with a lit room, it will be easier to get out of bed.    

I haven't used this method that much. My girlfriend used it before we moved in together so every time I slept at her place I tried it. It was nice but since we moved in together we haven't used it because I found a better alternative. Which is also free!

  • Put Away your Phone!

The biggest problem I had in the morning was that I could hit snooze without really realizing it.  

So by just doing such an easy thing as putting my phone away. On a distance which I couldn't reach without having to get out of bed. I was able to defeat my sleepy self!   

The thing I realized after doing this small change was that the biggest problem was getting out of bed. Once you've done that part the rest was so much easier. And once your out of bed make sure you don't get back!  

In order to force myself out of bed and not be able to just sleep through the alarm, I did some small changes. I still had my 2 alarms with 5 minutes interval between but now I mad them ring for 5 minutes. This way they will continue until I get up and turn them off.

It might sound like a small change but that's the beauty of it. By just doing this small change I manage to break my bad habit of snoozing and I'm so happy about it!  

It also has some very nice effects on other parts of my life.   

The Positive Effects You Get From Not Snoozing

A great thing about breaking my snooze habit is that it changed other things as well.  The Positive Effects You Get From Not Snoozing

First of all, it has helped me to sleep more! By becoming better at getting up in the morning I also become better at going to sleep in the evening. Now I usually get 8h of sleep which I rarely got before. This results in me being way less tired in the morning, which makes it easier to get up. Win Win!  

I also feel happier because my day starts in a nice and stress-free way. I can eat breakfast in peace and have time to brush my teeth and get dressed without a hassle.     

Another thing I also manage to get done in the mornings is to hit the gym. I never thought I would be able to do this! Before I was the guy who's there late in the evening to avoid the rush. Now I can get it done first thing in the morning. By not exercising right before bedtime I feel more energized during the day and can do a better work.        

How To Make It Work For You

In order to make this work for you as well, there are some tips I can give you.

  • Write down WHY you want to stop snoozing.

As with every bad habit you have you need a strong enough reason to break it. Take out pen and paper and write down the reasons you want to stop snoozing. It might be clear in your head but put it in writing so you can look at it when it feels tough.

  • Experiment until you find what works best for you

We are all different which means that just because this works for me it doesn't mean it will work for you. Maybe you need a combination of the things I listed above. Only you can find out so don't be afraid to try different things. 

  • Go All In!

It is easier to go 100% than 99%. To make this into a new habit you need to do it every day for at least 30 days. Even weekends. If you let your sleepy self win you will have to start all over. It will be hard in the beginning but with time it will become easier and easier. And it will be worth it!

Let's Go Do It! 

To change the habit of snoozing is harder than most other habits you have. This one you have to overcome when you are the weakest, The second after you wake up.  

You're barely awake and your tired self is your most lazy self. But the feeling of power and pride you get when you manage to overcome it feels amazing. 

It won't come by itself, unfortunately. To succeed without failing is close to impossible. Which means some days your lazy self will win.

But it is okay!

As long as you don't give up. 

And you have to remember why you wanted to stop snoozing in the first place. That way you will surely make it. Just as I have.

Let's Go Do It! 

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