How You Can Get More Done In Less Time!

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"If you love life, don't waste time, for time is what life is made up of". Bruce Lee

In todays busy, high tech and fast paced world; it’s easy to be caught up in many good but not right stuff intended to achieving your goal.

Fact is there'e nothing like time manageme! Rather, we should be talking about how much one is able to get done in a given block of time. And that is the measure of productivity.

Productivity is achieved mostly when in much less time you are able to get more done.

Below I summarise research and proven approaches to optimally get much done with more time to spare! How about that? Read on….

1. Schedule your work/tasks

Your brain hates big chunks of tasks and prefers smaller portions instead. Scheduling your tasks with short breaks between longer sessions results in a huge improvement in focus and productivity.

2. Use Energy Management Strategy

It is human nature to wanting to finish what we start even if not enough energy is left within us to complete the task well. The best way to stay productive and avoid doing busy work is to engage in targeted and deliberate practice. That is, spend more time on the hardest tasks as a way of managing your energy levels.

3. Put Task Tracking System in Place

Tracking your progress is a key aspect of productivity when it is employed in daily routine. It helps stopping you from engaging in ‘busywork’, a behaviour which has been found by researchers to be the number one destroyer of goal striving.

4. Never Multi-Task …Stay Focused:

Make sure you block out all unwanted distractions. Best to plan your day the night before so you don’t get trapped into the ‘wonderful distractions by stuff (internet etc) at the start of your day.

One study shows that mutitasking is simply switching tasks that comes with a price of "task switch cost'. So you lose the time you were trying to optimise! Not so smart!

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