So how is wealth created?

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How is wealth created and where do I start?

There is nothing you can't find on the internet now. Videos on YouTube of millionaires telling everyone how wealth is made and Blogs such as this one pointing out all the steps you need to take. You can even search Google to find articles and books with walkthrough guides and powerful speeches.

Knowledge is power, but it is only powerful unless we act on the guidance given. So why are so many of us refusing to unleash our full earning potential?

"Our doubts are traitors and make us loose the good we often might win, by fearing to attempt"

-William Shakespeare 

Everyone has something about themselves that is unique. Try asking the person you are closest to, "What do you like/love most about me?" The response can be quite shocking to hear because the things they point out, are often the things you generally loath about yourself. You grunt like a pig when you laugh, or You don't walk, you waddle, or You can tell the best joke in the world and make the room stand silent. It is in our human nature to care what people think about us, so we try to hide all the imperfections and try to be the perfect person. But then you look fake and untrust worthy.

These insecurities often hold us back through fear of getting judged, guess what, you will be judged anyway regardless. I can appreciate that it is easier said than done as I’m in the same situation, but by doing something every day that makes us uncomfortable will help us develop as individuals.

I'm currently promoting an online marketing business that guides hard working people on how to get out of the rat race and start generating their own wealth online. Many modern-day millionaires are talking more and more about online marketing. This modal has been advertised for years and i have always turned my nose up because I was fearful of investing in a scam. I got to the point in life where i was tired of working 200+ hours a month for £2000 especially when those figures can be achieved in 1-week online marketing. If you are interested to know more, I will leave a link at the bottom of the page which will be for a 7 day video trial giving you a walk through talk through guide on "HOW TO" set up your own online business, why not see if this is something you would be interested in? 


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