Why Christians should do affiliate marketing?

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Why Christians should do affiliate marketing?

As Christians we find ourselves in all kinds of professions. Doctors, lawyers, shop assistants, waiters, tax drivers. We’re not all going to be pastors and missionaries. So, let me explain why Christians should do affiliate marketing rather than a traditional career?

For those not familiar with the concept of affiliate marketing, let me explain what affiliate marketing is. It is simply marketing someone else’s product through your own website and being paid a commission on any sales that result from this. So I market a company called Six Figure Mentors an online training package. I drive traffic from my website to them and get paid commission on any sales. 

We need more time. As you are most probably aware we live in a world that is becoming time poor. We have our careers, we have our homes, we have children, we have cars to maintain, a garden, TV shows to catch, social media to post on. (I’m not necessarily endorsing this kind of lifestyle).

 And then if you are a committed to a local church there is church activity. So for me, I lead worship at church once a month, help out with the kid’s church a couple times a month and occasionally preach (when the pastor is desperate).

When do we have time to reach out to the lost? Go feed the homeless, go work with disadvantaged children? When do we have time to go on a mission?  Heck, I barely have time to pray some days. I make a plan to get up at 6 to pray and my 3 year old boy decides that is when he is going to wake – amen any parents?

So one of the big advantages of affiliate marketing is onceyou start to get some traction with it, you’ll find that you require less andless time to be spent actually working and the business can begin to go on autopilot. Thus freeing you up for some of the above


OK big caveat I am not promising a bundle of money to anyone that does this. But that said the potential earnings are there. What is more I have met a lot of “average Joes” that are making six figures and multiple six figures.

Now, I’m not big on the whole prosperity gospel. But neitheram I big on the poverty gospel. God’s plans are often achieved, amongst otherthings, with cash. You want to set up a soup kitchen to reach the poor – well moreoften than not God doesn’t cause one to miraculously spring out of the ground.Money is required. Get a bit richer and use your money to reach the lost.

Shine a light in the industry.

From what I can tell the online economy is pretty much dominated by those who would not call themselves Christians. Sometimes that means the practices of those individuals has a little less integrity than is desirable.That said the company that I market Six Figure Mentors is run by people with tremendous integrity. I highly respect their ethics even if I may differ somewhat from their spirituality.

I think this new digital economy would be a great place for Christians to again lead the way and show how things can be done differently.Just as Christian’s have shone their light in traditional industries. That means acting with love, care, honour and integrity. Treating people as if they were our Lord Jesus himself.

Get the message out.

I’ve seen people preach on the high street and I’ve done street evangelism myself. (Great fun – I recommend). But we need to be aware that the world is changing. The physical high street is disappearing to be replaced by a digital one.

I think it would be wise for Christians to make use of this and begin to ply their wares in the only part of the economy which is continually growing. The audience we can potentially reach is much greater than a back water high street in some random town.

Getting yourself a Facebook, Twitter or YouTube following can be used to also reach the lost. Imagine if you had a subscriber base of 100k+ followers what if just 1% of those were not yet believers. Reaching out regularly to 1000 unsaved is quite a thing in my opinion. That’s my goal.

If you’re interested in learning more about getting involved in the digital industry. You can checkout the same training and community that I am learning from. Learn how to work online and free yourself up to have more time to give back check out the Six Figure Mentors.


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