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When you see other people who seem to be living the perfect, is it wrong to feel jealous that you don’t have the same advantage?

When life is feeling like there is no joy and you see someone else living an ideal lifestyle, it is natural to feel somewhat jealous.  It is not that you wish anyone else to have misfortune, it is just that What About Me scenario that creeps into our thoughts and emotions.

If you find yourself feeling jealous and disgruntled at someone else’s good fortune, just take a minute to think that there is probably someone out there who is thinking the same about your life.  We can not see into other people’s lives to know what’s going on.  The seemingly perfect life may be fraught with loneliness; stress; discontentment or even terror.  What we see on the outside of someone’s home is not always the true reflection on what’s happening on the inside.

Although I say it is natural to feel jealous at someone else’s good fortune, it doesn’t change anything.  If you try and look at it as if they are just at a different stage in their lives and they don’t know, just as you don’t know what’s around the corner.  It could be you having the seemingly perfect life and the other person feeling jealous about your good fortune. 

Try and stay in the moment and realise that this too shall pass and there is challenge; reward; joy, and /or hard ache around the corner we can’t anticipate.  We just must react in the best way we can with authenticity and honesty and not feel bad when we feel jealous or angry as it’s not helpful. 

Tomorrow is another day and we don’t know what is in store, so look for the bright light and feel happy if you can at someone else’s good fortune so you don’t tempt bad karma.

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