Is Your Job Secure?

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Is Your Job Secure?  In today's global economy most people will say no!   Competiton in today's marketplace is fierce due to the global economy along with automation.

I moved to Germany 6 months ago.  One of the stores that I have frequented the most is Bauhaus which is the equivalent of HomeDepot in America which is where I moved from.

undefinedToday I went to Bauhaus to buy a tool and I realized Bauhaus had installed two self-checkout kiosks.  As I looked at the kiosks I also looked at the number of cashiers on duty.  One-third of the cashiers were not there.  Taking all this in I realized that automation is global along with the economy.

Understanding that a company can employ people from and in another country and companies are streamlining their businesses with automation, you have to ask yourself "Is my job secure?"  Is it possible that you could go to work one day and by the end of the day have concerns as to how will you pay your rent/mortgage, bills, and eat?  It's very possible!

Now that you have the facts what should/could you do to make you economic life somewhat more secure?  There are several avenues that you can explore, but the best avenue that I have found is to create my own income and security.

I lived the life of FEAR for many years dating back to the mid-1980s.  I worked at a great company McDonnell Douglass Aerospace Company and even back then job security was uncertain.  During the late 80s and early 90s, I began retooling my skills so that I could take control of my economical destiny.

I believed then and I am convinced now that NO ONE will look out for my financial future so I must do it myself.  I do not fault the company because the company exists to earn a profit and there is more profit in outsourcing and better profit investing in automation.

undefinedMachines are at work on time (most of the time) rarely miss days of work, have less personal problems, and can usually outperform humans.  Machines don't need medical insurance (one of the largest company expenses), machines don't take brakes, nor do they take paid vacations.      See video "Humans Need Not Apply"

Although our world is becoming automated at a very rapid pace, there are and will be opportunities to earn a living. The question is will you be qualified to take advantage of the opportunities.

As far as I know, Germany has been the only country with a work-study program which prepares its society for changes in technology which keeps its population employed.  The president of the United States gave a press conference two weeks ago, revealing the signing of a new bill that will implement a work-study program in the USA to replace college tuition aid.   PBS Education

Another avenue in which many are pursuing is the digital economy.  More and more people are looking at ways to use the technology and digital economy to create an income.  As more and newer technology is being introduced into our society so are opportunities to earn money via technology.

My pursuit of entrepreneurship has led me directly to the digital economy and now I am learning and using digital skills to increase my business and increase my income.  Seven years ago I was living and going to school in Redlands, California and sharing with my then girlfriend that I wanted to have a small business working from home and living in Europe.

undefinedSeven years ago I was living and going to school in Redlands, California and sharing with my then girlfriend that I wanted to have a small business working from home and living in Europe.  I have the small business and I live in Europe today.  My business relies upon the internet for its survival and in the process, I learned how to increase my internet knowledge and leverage that knowledge to my financial advantage.

Today when I ask myself "Is my job secure?" I have a much better answer than I had in 1986.  Through study and time, anyone can make their life a little more financially secure.  If you have no ideas how to rid yourself of that feeling of fear and financial insecurity I have a possible answer.  If you would like to check out my answer visit me at

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