It Is All About The Lifestyle

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Working From Home Really Gives You The Freedom To Do What You Want When You Want

Hi my name is Pete Harris and I have been self-employed now for 25+ years and in all of that time I have been in control of what I do.

In that time though I have always had to be somewhere at a certain time to earn a livingthrough my cleaning business. Basically I was trading my time for money.

For a number of years I have been working up to a point where I could wind down my cleaning business to concentrate on my Affiliate Marketing business. 

That point came in April 2016 when I sold my business, my wife quit her job and we sold our house in the United Kingdom and relocate to our home in Cyprus.

The lifestyle we now lead is chalk and cheese to our previous life. Neither of us has any commute to work and we don't have to drive hundreds of miles a week getting stuck in traffic jams.

I used to work out of a little white van and now I can work from my balcony and have the mountains in one direction and the sea in the other.

Pete Harris Working From Home

My wife now also works from home and she has her clients come to her as she is setting up her own hairdressing business.

Like most couples we used to just see each other in the morning over breakfast and again in the evening after work. Now we are together most of the time and to me that is the most important thing.

Because we both work from home we are able to do a lot more together like going out for lunch or spending an hour at lunchtime down at the pool before we start work again in the afternoon. 

Now this is our particular lifestyle, routine and daily schedule and I know that yours will be different. The point I am trying to make is that we have the flexibility to do what we want because we work from home.

Flexibility is the key and you could also have that if you decided that working from home is something that you have always wanted to do.

You too could be spending more time with the people you love, you could be there for when the children come home from school and ultimately live your life on your own terms.

So I am four months into being a full time online business owner and my business is still in start up mode, but through deciding to go full time I have been able to form business relationships and partnerships which will ultimately create multiple income streams.

This is something that I was never able to do while working my traditional business because it took so much of my time. This is also something I know many people can not do because they are stuck in their normal job unless they work themselves to the bone by taking on a second job. Then they find they have not got a life to actually enjoy themselves!

So when I say it is all about the lifestyle, it really is! The freedom to work when you want and where you want is so important.

My life is now complete. I live in a beautiful country with my darling wife (my best friend) and we are now living the lifestyle we want and that is all from working from home.

So if you are interested in working from home and would like to know more about the systems I use to enable me to live my life on my own terms then please Click Here for more information.

To your success.



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