Quit Your Job And Live A Home Business Lifestyle - Like Mark Ford Did - Here's The Story!

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Home Business Lifestyle - You Want More Freedom - You Want More Time With The Family - More Time To Travel - You Want To Be Your Own Boss And Not Beholding To Someone Else - You Hate Your Job - The Solution Is To Take Action And Create A New Lifestyle - A Home Business Lifestyle!


Who is Mark Ford - Home Business Lifestyle Coach? - The Story!

That is a great question, so before I go any further, let me answer that by sharing with you what qualifies me to give you home business lifestyle advice... so here's a bit of my '20 years plus in the trade' story.

I began my career as a solicitor in the legal sector in the UK, but after 29 years in the profession, I became disillusioned. I wanted to escape the banality of working all hours just to pay the bills and I was desperate to leave the restrictive 9-5 corporate lifestyle behind. I wanted some control over my future, and I knew that somehow, somewhere, there was a way to do it. I became determined to find it.

What did I do? Well, initially I set up in 1996 an entertainment agency, running this from home. I ran this alongside my full time legal job for the next 10 years but something was digging away at me all those years. I knew that I wanted to work full time from home and inspire others to do the same. At the end of the day all we all want is time and financial freedom to choose what we do with our time and money and not be constrained in anyway in doing this!

undefinedSo, Mark what was the trigger that got you working full time from home? The answer my father, William Ford who I loved dearly, passed away. We shared our love of cricket and we had a lot of lengthy debates about the UK legal system, which he felt strongly about, but unfortunately, after many happy years together, in April 2006 I lost my father to lung cancer. I shall cherish many happy memories.

The passing of my father turned my world upside down and it caused me to stay at home depressed for many months, until one day I woke up and said "That's enough Mark, Dad does not want you to be like this and he wants you to be happy and live your life"

Liz Poole | Pooleford PropertyIn the mid 2000's investing in property in the UK was a good thing to do if you knew how to leverage the mortage market and no money down principles. So, there I was looking out the window of my house, it's 2006, alone after a divorce some years back and losing my father, saying what now?

Time to make a life changing decison, so I quit my legal job, gave notice on my birthday in September 2006 that I was leaving my legal job and partnered up with a Magistrate friend of mine, Liz Poole setting up Pooleford Property Services and Investments Limited.


As I write and share this with you it is November 2016 and ten years have passed since my fathers passing and setting up the property business. During that 10 years Liz and myself have put together quite a substantial property portfolio where we have housed individuals and families who may not otherwise have obtained housing. You can learn more about this by visiting my home business blog - click this link. These days we are looking to sell off the portfolio with Mark Ford working full time on his internet business interests.

Home Business Lifestyle - Andrew Reynolds

Whilst building this property portfolio with Liz, one day in 2008 a home business lifestyle magazine landed on my doorstep. Amazing I said, here's me thinking about what else I can do to gain even more freedom by working from home and a UK home business coach sends me this magazine full of tips and information about the various businesses I can run from home in direct sales.

undefinedHis name, Andrew Reynolds, learn more here. I was inspired by his story on how he had worked in the real estate business (Property in the UK) and transitioned to building a business from home making £50,000,000 and more.

In doing so he donated millions of pounds to various charities, helped many people get started in a home business and escape the job they hate, to live a home business lifestyle.

<< Andrew Reynolds

I was intrigued so I signed up to his annual bootcamp and off I went back in 2008 to Brighton, to the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp. That was a complete eye opener and whilst it was a bit of a pitch fest, I learnt some really useful tips about building a home business, marketing strategies and what types of businesses could be run from home.

On my return I decided this was for me and in 2008 I set up Nice Money Publications, where I am the CEO and founder working with a team of freelancers to provide workshops and educational products in a digital format. These products and services share how you can start a home business on a no cost or low cost budget. Why? because it's how I started, three times over, with the entertainment, property and these days an internet business. Each of them started on a low cost budget, something that I have learnt how to do and which I share in my trainings.

On the marketing front I have a particular flare for blogging and in 2016 I started working on a brand called Your Blog Content.

Great Story Mark... But What's Your Goal Now? - My Goal Is To Help You Start And Enjoy A Home Business Lifestyle And Equip You With The Skills You Need!

Why Am I Here?

I loyally step up for others SO THAT they they are given inner peace. Many people live the life they think they have to live. They are overworked, underpaid, and unfulfilled. But the good news is that it doesn't have to be this way. My goal is to help you recognize your potential and equip you with the skills you need to turn that potential into a viable online home business in the digital economy.

Home Business Lifestyle - Increasing Cashflow

What I Learnt Building A Property Investment Portfolio And Being A Landlord!

A lot, but one real thing hit home with me. "Mark, holding assets is a good thing but it is not really a cashflow business, it is more of an expense account and an asset holding business until you sell the properties on and cash out. You need something that increases your cashflow and not something that consumes all your business turnover, like a property portfolio does. Let's turn to the internet and see if I can find a cashflow type of business with high returns and low overheads with high profit products to promote" - the solution I found was when I joined the Six Figure Mentors in May 2011. You can see my Six Figure Mentors review over at Mark Ford Marketing.com.

My Home Based Internet Business - The Six Figure Mentors

When I found The Six Figure Mentors back in 2011 I knew it was the cashflow solution I was looking for. Using the proven digital business system provided, I was able to start my home based internet business. This is a turnkey system that educates us on how to drive traffic to our home business websites. It is an all in solution helping us to improve our digital skills and amongst a whole menu of trainings, it also shares many different ways to start a home business including;
  • freelancing
  • setting up and running an ecommerce business such as Import Experts (Amazon Business)
  • coaching
  • helping small business owners and local businesses create an online presence and set up their businesses online
  • digital marketing consultancy
  • an affiliate marketing business and opportunity, making commissions promoting the various memberships available in the Six Figure Mentors (anything from $20 to many thousands of dollars a sale)
  • and  much more... go here to learn and discover more how this can help you.

My Home Based Internet Business - The Digital Experts Academy

undefinedIn late 2012 Stuart Ross, the co-founder of the Six Figure Mentors, partnered up with Jay Kubassek to form the Digital Experts Academy (DEA). The top membership is the DEA BLACK Level, and sharing in their vision to make this an alternative to University education, learn about true entrepreneurship, digital marketing, personal branding, help in the development of a Mastermind and much more, I became the first DEA BLACK founder member. This has proved to be one of the best business decisons I have ever made. It has put me alongside high calibre mentors and since March of 2015 I have been providing coaching services and developing the Mastermind for the DEA BLACK Level Members.


I'm Inspired Mark Ford - How Can You Help Me Start A Business From Home And Build, Like You, A Home Business Lifestyle Where I Work On My Laptop Or Other Media Device From Anywhere In The World And Travel When I Want?


Mark Ford On Tour in February 2016 - Visiting A Micro Brewery in Cape Town, South Africa

Here's How To Get Started...

If you can relate to the content of this article and you are serious about making a change in your life and stepping out of your comfort zones..

  • You are fed up with the corporate 9-5 lifestyle.
  • You have a burning desire to be your own boss.
  • You like the idea of having the freedom to spend more time with your family.
  • You want to travel more.
  • Maybe you hate your job.
  • You want to start your own home business and be your own boss.

If you answered yes to any of the above, then watch the video below and then read on to discover more about the opportunity I am giving you to grab a free copy of my monthly newsletter.

What You Can Expect?

The Home Business Lifestyle Newsletter is a monthly newsletter aimed at budding home business entrepreneurs who want to basically escape the rat race and create a new lifestyle from home.Each month, it will be packed full of information and advice to help you fulfill your dream of quitting your job, setting up your own online home business - all from the comfort of your living room.

Sounds good?

Yes it does, so here is what I am offering you to help you get started.

If you have come this far reading this article I am going to give you the first edition of my monthly home business lifestyle newsletter for free today (no opt in) and show you where you can access all the other monthly newsletters I have created so far.




If you would like to also receive from Mark Ford the full set of home business lifestyle newlsetters then you may wish to visit my home business training course website

I wish you every success in building a home business lifestyle.


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