Two Things You MUST Do If You Want To Live Life on Your Own Terms

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Have you ever gone and asked for advice from someone close to you, perhaps a family member or a friend, who DOESN’T have any personal experience in the matter, and then been profoundly disappointed with their response?
It’s such a commonality it’s untrue, one even I’ve fallen prey to.
In 2014 I was struggling with getting direction with starting my online business. It was all new and I didn’t have any guidance whatsoever, from anyone who’d had the slightest bit of success doing so.
So, I asked my dear old Mum.
Now I love my Mum dearly, she’s one of the few people in my life that mean anything to me. But sadly one thing she is not, is a entrepreneur or business owner.
Neither of my parents are, and they never have been.
They’ve always found security in a job and never worried. Their generation was that of job security (for the most part) and good pensions.
So when I asked her about what she thought about chasing this goal of mine, is predicted, she poo poo’d it and told me I was better off focusing on my personal training and sports therapy business because it was “real”.
Not sure what that mean’t, but anyway.
We all seek a pat on the back and acceptance of what we’re doing from our loved ones, it’s only natural if you have a close relationship with them.
They’ll always give their best advice, but it’s not from experience, so it’ll never be solid.
You have to understand now that if you’re intent on quitting that job of your’s, and making the switch to becoming your own boss, creating your own opportunities and income, there are two things you MUST do:
1. Make decisions that could well upset people close to you (unless they have 100% faith in you 100% of the time, which often isn’t the case)
2. Make a point to seek out and find people who’ve done what you want to do, and ask them how they did it.

As a business owner, you’ll need to make tough decisions anyway, and if starting an online business with the intention of quitting your job make’s your loved one’s feel uncomfortable, it’s gonna be even tougher.

But it has to be done.
You may well have to spend that money your spouse thought was for a new car, on advertising.
You may have to stay up later in the evening to write your blog post or emails, instead of paying them attention.
You may have to ghost your friends from time to time, so you can get shit done.
I didn’t see my friends, at one point, for about 6 months straight. Some were even worried that I’d died!
Reality was I was working fucking hard to get things moving in my business.
So just know that you’re gonna get resistance if you decide to start a side hustle to get you out of the 9-5 rat race, and the all too familiar misery of potential redundancy at any given moment.
If you commit wholesale and jump in head first, quitting your job n’ all, you’re definitely gonna feel it. But sometimes the biggest perceived risks, are actually the biggest blessing’s in disguise.
I wish I’d made the decision to go “all in”, so to speak, right from the get go. If I had I’d probably already have achieved my long term goal of moving to Canada.

Finding a Mentor

Remember I said you have to find those who’ve done what you want to do?

Well, you have to find them, squeeze every bit of knowledge out of them that you can, and NEVER let them go. I’m serious, when you find someone suitable to help you on your journey you have to keep them close.
Before I found my first mentor, as I said earlier I was asking friends and family what they thought I should do, simply because I was too ignorant to the vast experience of people already doing this shit in the trenches.
There is a caveat to this though – you have to find people who’ve got a solid track record, and a proven way of doing things.
There’s no good just hanging out on forums about “making money online”, because you’re gonna get a metric fuckton of people like you who can’t see the wood through the tree’s.
It has to be people who’ve got the answers to the nitty gritty questions, the sometimes personal questions that others don’t have a clue about.
It has to be someone who understands the position you’re in, as well as the path to travel for optimum results.
I’d like to say that person is me, and I’m sure it could JUST be me.

But that wouldn’t be doing justice to the two guy’s I learn’t from, and the proven step by step business system they created to help people like you and me.
So, I’m offering you the chance to get help from all three of us, without paying a dime.
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Talk soon,
P.S – Although I’ve always been self employed, I do understand the stuff you’re going through.
Even as a self employed PT and sports therapist, my whole income hinged on the gym’s decision to keep me there. At any moment they could have ripped it all away from me, and I may have been left with one or two clients, IF they were willing to travel elsewhere for training.
I also get that you’re hesitant to make any big decisions about your future, which is a good thing, because it means you’re really thinking whether this is the right thing for you and your family.
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