Love your work, love your life!

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Loving what we do and being happy in our work is our birthright...

But who can say they experience this?

Do you love your work, love your life?

I worked as a hospitality manager for years and I had convinced myself that I enjoyed my profession but the truth is I didn't.

I spent my days running around chasing targets and sorting out problems on the phone while trying my best to live up to my companies expectations of me!

I did not enjoy this and can you blame me? Who would enjoy this nonsense???

Love your work love your life

What I enjoy is actually not even on the same page as this job, nowhere near in fact!

I enjoy being myself, expressing my truth and living my life on my own terms.

I want to work when it's time, play when it's time and rest when it's time - to be in tune with my own way of life!

When I had a 'job' I had no time to play... I moved to Scotland last year and beforehand I'd had so many plans to make the most of the outdoors in this beautiful country.

I wanted to hike, bike, tour and snowboard. To visit all the areas of outstanding natural beauty. I wanted to learn golf and try my hand at fly fishing!

Love your work love your life

The problem was that I had a 'job' - so all of these things I wanted to do took a back seat! My job took my energy, my time and nearly all of my freedom. It left me tired, uninspired and took away my desire to have fun and enjoy my life.

Granted I got one or two days off a week but as most of you will know, one day is usually spent taking care of household chores or going shopping and doing banking etc. and the other day you might get a few hours to yourself before fulfilling more obligations that have been laid out for you!

What the hell kind of life is this?!?!

I wanted more - I always did. I used to think to myself...

"Why is it that I have been given all these things I want to and enjoy do but I can never seem to do them!?!?"

My thoughts were like;





I think you get the picture...

Within my role in hospitality, I was very close to being offered a position as a high-level manager working for a large hotel chain which was going to pay more 50% more than I had ever earned... But I turned it down!

I realised THEN AND THERE that if I continued on this path I was NEVER going to have the life I wanted. Even if the job would have paid me £100k a year what bloody use is that if I have no time or energy left to enjoy it...?

I shut the door completely on that chapter of my life and made the decision and commitment right then to find a new way - one that was right for me!

Love your work love your life

Now at this time, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do, I only knew that I was going to find it. Once I was no longer tied to a job I found I had much more energy and I started using it to really get myself together and focus on finding my new path. (the pressure of no more income from my previous employment helped too...!)

It was about a week after that I was watching YouTube videos on self-development and an ad popped up. A guy was talking about how he'd changed his life and went from working 70 hours a week as a self-employed electrician to running his own online business, giving him loads of freedom to travel and enjoy his life - and of course, he was earning very well too!

To be honest I usually skip ads on YouTube and I'm the first one to complain about all these commercials popping up everywhere getting in my way... Especially when they talk about online businesses! (on reflection I can now see I was just resisting something new and different out of a fear of change)

BUT - if I had not watched that ad and taken action on it I would not be in the position I am today...

I'm happy, fulfilled, free and I have found a way to bring my own truth to the world while providing genuine value to others and doing my bit to solving the world's problems. And of course I have found a way to replace my previous job's income and I have the opportunity now to grow that income exponentially! This is all achieved by working as and when I like, from my laptop, anywhere in the world...

Opening my mind to something new and taking on the venture of learning to use the internet in a productive and enlightened way was the best decision I've ever made! Sure there have been and continue to be challenges along the way, and this is good as it allows me to grow and develop my own self and keep my finger on the pulse of this ever-changing, fast-moving world...

I found an online community which offers such an immense amount of support and guidance that even if you were somebody who had never used the internet before you could learn how to create your own successful online business.

Now I want to be very clear about this - I'm not talking about a get rich quick scheme here, no way! With this community you will learn all the key values and components of building a sustainable, fulfilling online business and you will have all the support and back up you need!

Love your work love your life

If you do the work and follow the guidance - you will benefit immensely from joining this community...

Please don't let skepticism and misunderstanding keep you from achieving your dreams...

I wish you all the very best and my hope for you is that you find a way to live the life you know deep down that you truly deserve!

Create the life and business you love! Access your freedom now!

Love your work, love your life!

Dan Gifford – Wellness & Energy coach

I discovered my online voice and found a way to bring it to the world by learning how to use the internet in the most productive and enlightened way! Click here to meet my mentors...

Dan has spent the last 20 years of his life studying the principles of happiness, health, prosperity and freedom within many different cultures and had the opportunity to learn from many masters. He has delved deep into what makes us tick and has now made it his life's work to bring his knowledge and experience to the world with one mission: To inspire others and lead them onto their true life path - creating a better world for all!

Dan is a certified Wellness coach, a master practitioner of NLP, teacher of Qigong and Taoist meditation, and practices Reiki at master level, along with other energy healing techniques.