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I have been marketing online for some time & looking back it has been a very steep learning curve. In this article I will shed some light on Marketing Terms For Newbies. The great thing in the "laptop lifestyle" community is peoples willingness to help others. We were all "Newbies" at some stage. No-one just hopped online and had an instant following, were able to give massive value and in turn make bucket loads of cash money...despite what some will try and tell you.

The reality is you need to put the time in, learn systems, realise shortcuts, use the knowledge of people around you, that have done what you are striving to achieve. The other analogy I like to use is; think of a baby, crawling, then slowly standing sometime down the track, small steps are then taken, along with falling many times on it's nappy bottom. Before long that little bubba is walking around on its own and then eventually running all over the house and yard.

Below is an index of marketing terms for newbies that if you are getting into this space you will see bandied around a lot. If you are currently working with me online feel free to add terms to this list in the comments below then I will add them to this post..our newbies need us!!!👈


ASKHOLE: A person who constantly asks for your advice, yet always does the opposite of what you told them.😂

AFFILIATE: An individual who promotes products or services for a merchant like Six Figure Mentors, in exchange for receiving compensation for their sales

AFFILIATE LINK: A link provided to you by the merchant like Six Figure Mentors that includes a unique tracking code specifically assigned to you for the merchant to track the sales you have generated.

CLICK: This refers to someone who clicks on your affiliate link that takes them to the merchant’s website. *Clicks and leads are not the same thing* ✋hand to face

PROSPECT: an individual who you have contacted via organic (free) traffic methods and whom you ask specific lines of questioning to qualify them for your offer so they become a targeted lead.

LEAD: an individual that expresses an interest in your goods or services. *Your leads are your emails and phone numbers that you receive from your clicks*

SALES FUNNEL refers to the buying process that customers go through when purchasing products. A sales funnel is divided into several steps…in your case it’s a landing page, sales page then order page

PAID TRAFFIC: this comes in many forms but is basically when you pay to get visitors to your link ..example would be PCC- pay per click

FREE TRAFFIC: also know as time consuming traffic... is when you you get visitors to your link through social media, SEO, YouTube, forums, blogs, etc.

CPC (Cost Per Click): Cost of an individual click when paying on a per click basis. (paid traffic)

OPT-IN-RATE: The percentage of people who subscribe to your mailing list out of the total number of people who were presented with the opportunity.

CONTENT MARKETING: is the marketing process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience

NICHE: A specific topic or vertical. Example – if you own a site about dogs, then your niche would be dogs – as well as pets in the broader definition of a niche.

Add on from comments:
SEO: Search Engine Optimization. The practice of optimizing your website to get it to show up higher in the search engines for specific topics and keywords.

AUTORESPONDER: Used to store your email list and send out automatic and manual broadcasts. They help you automate your campaigns and manage communications with your recipients.

OFFER: The program, business, product or service that you're promoting. e.g. 'send traffic to your offer'

ROI: Return On Investment. The Return should be greater then the investment put into achieving the returns.

VALUE: something you provide to a prospect, lead, or signup that may help them to succeed, this is not always monetised, value often comes in form of useful information in video or text form (i.e. this post)

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