My digital journey part 1.

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Let me intruduce my self. I am 44 years young. 1 year ago I decide that the day I turn 50 years old I´m going to have the oppertunity to choose where and when to work. 

Why? The reason is that the women in my family have died young so it was exactly 1 year after my mom died I made that decission. For me it was more into life than work fulltime. I have been working as a physiotherapiest for 20 years. Don´t get me wrong, I have lived, in some periods intensively and also loved my work of helping people. 

In June this summer I quit my work as a physio and start living a dream. Once in a lifetime I would give me 6 months off. Living on my savings. As a present from me to me. I enjoying that gift to me right now. (HAPPY Smiley).

The thing is that I really start to love this lifestyle.. So that is another reason to start this journey. 

oh yeah, I am swedish by the way, but now I live on the Canary Islands and this is my spot in the world..

I wish you the best day ever!


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