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When I was a young fella, I only wanted to run around chasing, throwing, and dodging balls in a number of sports. It’s fun in a competitive environment, and I improved skill. My hand-eye coordination developed quickly, and I became proud of my accomplishments.

It was when I was 15-years-old that I decided I wanted to only play golf.

The mix of learning and using my skills, including the mental strengths required to perform under pressure, was, and still is, an awesome challenge.

Having the flexibility is appealing, an active lifestyle, and an income to support myself.

I did work a few jobs of course, although none were career builders in any way. And working 9-5 for someone else just didn't appeal to me.

I grew up playing amateur golf for my province, then my country, which has given me amazing experiences. My funds were mostly supported by my father and various sponsors.

Then I turned professional golfer at 25-years of age. I played the Australasian PGA Tour and traveled to a few other countries to play tournaments. In my first year as a pro, I won $11,000 AUD. I wasn’t setting the world on fire, but I was learning a lot! I traveled to many more countries playing amateur golf for the New Zealand teams and squads.

It was a way for me to get out of the hustle and bustle of the baggage that was starting to accumulate back home. It was a ticket to pursue the world; to pursue my dreams.

Since I finished playing and pursuing a career on the golf tour, a lot has happened.

It was my previous marriage that led me to ending my golf playing career. I got married and had a wonderful kid and a norma family life. Unfortunately that marriage dissolved and my playing career was on hold.  

When I hit 40, I sat myself down and assessed where I was in life. I had a small home, little retirement saved up, but not a lot to show for. Playing golf on sponsors money became uncomfortable. I felt like I was playing for my sponsors, coach, parents and not myself.

I realised I needed to do more for myself. Set aside other people’s worries and focus on my future.

Over time, I realised I had developed little self-esteem. I knew it, but it was so damn hard to break out of it. I knew what I had to do, but could not pull myself to do it, whatever it was.

Then I got an opportunity to head to China to teach golf for a few years. What a great experience. Lots of amazing history and culture, it's so very different to home. Many friends were made, and we keep in touch.

While I was in China I began searching for extra income streams that would also help me develop my personal values, idea’s, confidence and interests. And also support myself and my family financially.

I’d heard of working from a laptop and making money online. But I had no idea how it could be done. It sounded perfect for supporting my traveling, spending precious family time, playing golf and exploring the world!

Scouring the Internet for a few months, I found a few businesses and even signed up to a personal development biz. They sold personal development products, seminars, and coaching. But I really was uncomfortable with calling any leads and going through that process, praying they would eventually sign up.

Just after I started that online business, I came across another one.

This one caught my attention for it's genuine lead honesty and proven business model. It offers a platform for you to train to become an affiliate marketer, an independent entrepreneur via the Six Figure Mentors proven system!!

It’s a system that is proven, and can generate you upwards of $8,000 USD per sale. I’m not kidding.

The potential is really good to make a solid income. SFM is an educational vehicle for anyone getting into the online marketing industry. Be sure to follow me as I elaborate on the benefits in my next blog.

There’s quite a bit of training to do If your new to online marketing, but the learning environment is priceless, especially if you’re starting out in your new online biz.

This business has given me a lot of confidence in myself. I have rebuilt my self-esteem via the training and interaction with like-minded entrepreneurs.

To put things in perspective, I’m now very happy with the direction my life is heading. I have clear short and long term plans in place, and a vision for supporting my family and myself, because of my decision to break out of my usual fearful mould and make my first step and go for it! Absolutely no regrets. 

If you’re open to learning new skills and starting an online business, then I absolutely recommend The Six Figure Mentors!

Please comment below, I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on any of the content above.

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