Passive versus Active Income.

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Many people ask me what I mean by passive income. What does it necessarily mean?

As we live our daily lives, active in our physical jobs, we generate an active income. We trade our time for a certain fixed amount of money. We are in effect limited by how much we get, based on what society estimates how much we our worth. This is obvious to most people. When we are at school we are taught to follow instructions, learn more facts, pass more exams and get some relevant experience. We are encouraged to get a college education or perhaps a degree or two. Our ambitions are set for us at a young age in some instances, when a teacher or college professor tell us and our families what to expect of us. We put the same pressures on ourselves at times. Even if we aren't suited to a job or just don't enjoy it, we still continue, because that is all we know.

So an active income is generated by a job. It may or may not be very physically demanding. But it still puts us in a spot where we can't earn anymore than a set amount. If we climb up the ladder, there are still limits. In the end we just settle for it and if by any chance you decide to make a change, we are talking change of income that follows yet another set-income boundary. Now you may reckon you are worth more than that. You could argue all day that the next big footballer is worth more than the surgeon or politician (or vice versa). We've heard it all before on 'Question Time.' But what about us that are stuck in the middle income band? You can either hope that some millionaire long lost Aunt is going to find you and sweep you off your feet, swan you around the world. Or you can buy a lottery ticket in the hope that some day, you might actually have a chance of winning a tenner.

So what is the point of a passive income? Well, you let computer systems do the hard graft for you. You automate and integrate all your systems so that you can generate an income without having to chase clients or find cold call or face rejection. Infact clients will chase you because you can provide something of value. You can either sell physical products and services or you can sell your advice and experiences. Alongside this you can sell other people's products and services, thus gaining high commissions. The potential to earn is limitless, as everyone who is anyone is actively online. 

You just need to learn how to do it. Get the best advice from the most successful people, join a community, get tools training and tech support, all in one. Sorted. Now all you've got to do is follow the advice, trust the system, develop yourself, become that little bit more confident and alittle bit more self sufficient. Then, once you've got everything in place, start enjoying your life. Do the things you love, without having to miss out all the time. So here I am talking about how to generate a passive income and what benefits it had for me. Take a look.

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