The Power of a Great Mentor

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I am a few months into my business coaching course now, and have had some time to reflect on my journey and the random way I got into it in the first place! I'm a few months closer to earning my own money online and becoming the independent Mum I want to be. Currently I am a stay at home Mum and my Husband brings in the only income.  I just dont feel comfortable having all of our eggs in one basket so I decided to learn how to bring in some income online!  I'm a busy Mum, but its been great fitting this course in aroung the kids.  I still feel like Im growing my knowledge and getting somewhere with my own dreams too!

It all really started when I signed up to the online diet 90 day plan with the very lovely Joe Wicks, the Body Coach (  With his help, I lost a load of weight and now I finally fit into my old clothes from before I had Grace! I was (and still am) so pleased! It was the sort of plan that tells you what to eat and when, and what exercise to do to get the best results which change as you go through.  The diet was outlined with great recipes, but you could choose which ones you had so it wasn’t a rigid plan.

I was really pleased with myself for doing it, not only did I lose weight, I also actually stuck to something and saw it through for once!  I had never done anything like it before!   

Having the support and right information was the difference between success and failure.

Having the trust to following the steps set out by someone who really knows what they are doing made a huge difference i.e. the right meal portions (as they were tailored to me), the right nutrients and the right regular exercise.  He knows what works because he has done it before and knows that the plan gets results.  

A couple of weeks after finishing the 90 day plan, I was enjoying a dinner I probably wouldn’t have been allowed on the plan, ok fine, I really wasn’t allowed it on the plan, it was pizza ok!? Anyway, half way through I suddenly thought “what if I put the weight back on again?” Shock horror! 

It's so Empowering to know that no one can take that knowledge away from you

Relief washed over me as I realised, it didn’t matter!  It didn’t matter because I now had the knowledge of how to slim down and stay that way.  I knew how to eat properly, what I should be eating and how to exercise properly to get back on the path to being slim again.  It was such a relief to know that I now have that knowledge, and it can never be taken away from me!

It was the first time I had a plan where knew I could follow these specific steps, and I will get these results.  “Do this, and you will get this” sort of thing.

It was simple, predictable and worked! So it got me to thinking, could I do this in my business life too?  I have read so many business books and done audio courses, but had never been able to really get my business moving like I wanted.  I have been looking for a mentor for years, but after the success of my diet plan.

I could see how much faster I could get the right results with the right help.

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Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the fantastic book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” always recommends having a mentor .  After all, the right Mentor has been there before and knows what works and what doesn’t.  They know where to start and what direction to point you in if you go off on a tangent, like I frequently did! 

They can help you learn what they know you need to know.  You May not yet know the right things to unlock everything because you may never have asked this much of yourself before! But your Mentor has!  With a mentorship, you just get the right results so much faster.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
Nelson Mandela

So, I got searching online, did a load of research and finally decided to take the plunge and sign up with some great mentors.  I know that marketing is the life blood of any business, so I wanted to learn proper online marketing to help my current business, but also to start my own thing with too. 

My Journey

I have now been following the business blueprint they laid out for me, the flexible step by step modules, practising the daily method of operation to keep the momentum going and have learnt so much about getting my company and products in front of the right audience.  I know so much more than I did, and know more about things I didn’t even know about too!

I have a new mind-set, I can’t help but feel transformed for the better!  It has been amazing to be around positive and progressive people in the weekly live webinars and also in the exclusive community of like-minded members who are learning right along with me.

I find it overwhelming sometimes, like I’m a little fish in a big sea.  Sometimes I think "Im only a mum, can i really do this?" Taking on something completely new and challenging will be a big feat if its worth it!

"Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new." Brian Tracy

I just reach out and there is always someone there to help me through it.  I even get personal one on one coaching with a really super lovely lady every week and it makes such a difference!  Step by step courses, a digital platform with a huge base of courses like this about marketing on different plat forms included. 

The more I learn, the more I discover there really is so much you can do with a digital business.  They have so far taught me to

  • market on Social Media effectively,
  • to be an online business consultant,
  • to be a local business marketer for  small to medium companies in my local area, running their social media for them and earn a monthly income that way,
  • how to build websites
  • how to become a professional affiliate marketer. 
  • How to import directly from China and sell online under my own brand

I can now Market anything to anyone, anywhere!

My Mentors in particular are great because they know it takes a while to set up your own business, so they also offer the opportunity Earn and Learn while you learn to set yourself up. 

I feel that I am finally getting somewhere in my business life now and that I can make my own money and support my family by myself if I should ever need to.  I dont want all my eggs in one basket, with only my husband earning, this is not a stable way to live!

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