Recruiting Robots to Deliver Pizza

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The way pizzas are being delivered is changing. 

How do you get your pizzas delivered? 

Technology is moving us into the future

Domino's Pizza started work on a robotic unit to deliver its pizzas so it looks like the way pizzas are being delivered is changing.  It is a reality they are recruiting robots to deliver pizza!  It is quite revolutionary and reinforces how technology is moving us into the future.  Apparently, the 'Bot' won't be taking the place of human drivers for some time; however, it certainly makes you pause for thought!

It rolls on its six wheels and has the ability to mount kerbs by lifting its wheels one by one. Quite ingenious really! A text message is sent to the customer to enable them to access their order that is stored in a sealed compartment. The pizza can only be released once the link is clicked in the undefinedtext message.   In addition to having memory, the 'Bot' has its own surveillance cameras built in to track its journey; this makes sense as a security measure and will undoubtedly help to safeguard against any unsavoury characters looking for an 'opportunity'. Reports also indicate that future models are planned to be alarmed to further increase protection.

Complimentary to humans?

This may come as quite a surprise for some individuals especially if they are scared of technology, but it does show the shift in thinking and in this case how deliveries are going to be made in the future.  Many people buy online and may welcome 'Bot', however, this innovation may undoubtedly contribute to the decline undefinedin the number of employees. This may pose a threat for some, as people understandably 'depend on their jobs'.  However, the reports state that the 'Bots' are supposed to be complementary to humans. So, perhaps the geographical logistics of their deliveries may be taken into account. This may bring a favourable balance as to how many 'Bots' are employed in relation to human resources.  

It certainly does appear to be true that Dominos will be recruiting robots to deliver pizza! Let's see how this unfolds in the future.

Ann Marie

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