SEO Best Practices for Internet Marketers - Part 5

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Friends, this SEO series has focused so far on Domains, Hosting, Keywords, Content, Portals-Resources and the value of your own Blog. Let's now take a look at Guest Blogging. Why is Guest Blogging essential for successful IMers? First, Guest Blogging allows you to strengthen the "Value" of your "Content" and in turn generate incremental "traffic" from large pools of new prospects who read these 3rd party blogs. Second, assuming your "Content" is in fact valuable to the other blog's readers their blog owners are more likely to link back to your own blog ... which leads to a boost in the "Authority" of your blog from the perspective of Google, Bing and Yahoo. The more links to your blog from 3rd party blogs and portals resonate well with search engines. Bottom line: Guest Blogging on 1st and 2nd tier blogs which are in the same market or technology niche as your blog (or web site) is a vital SEO asset. While there are numerous blog directories I suggest simply performing a Google search such as "ABC blog portal" where ABC is your target avatar and/or solution area. Hopes this helps. If so, take a moment to register for our Free Trial today to access our 7-part video training by clicking here. Bye for now. Lawrence, Internet Digital Entrepreneur

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