Six Figure Mentors Free Training Video #5 Review

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Six Figure Mentors Free Training Video #5 Review

In video #5 Stuart shows you how their digital business system enables you to have multiple streams of income. Instead of building your own business from scratch, you get to focus on building profitable income streams, from day one. He details the Six Figure Mentors formula which allows affiliates to grow their income every month.

He describes three different types of income streams: Residual/Recuring, Now Money/Mid Ticket, and High Ticket.

undefinedFor Residual, think of membership fees, like the gym. People pay each month. Next, he talks about Now Money. Now Money are lower-priced, single purchase products. Finally, High-Ticket items cost $1000 and up and pay generous commissions, but people often take a bit longer to make larger purchases. 

It takes the same amount of effort to market a low-dollar product as it does to market a high-ticket product, so Stuart stresses the importance of marketing high-dollar products. It is the best use of your time. 

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Six Figure Mentors Free Training Video #5 Review

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Six Figure Mentors Video Free Training #5 Review

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