Success and Happiness go hand in hand

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You never know when just a simple little smile or uplifting comment can change a persons day. Be kind to everyone you meet, for we are all on a journey that has its ups and downs. Everyone has their battles and though we really don't know what kind of battle a person may be dealing with inside. There are times when YOU can make or break a person with just the words you speak or how you treat them. I strongly believe that body language plays a big part in our communication with one another. You can communicate without even saying a word. You know the feeling when you come across someone in like the store and just the way they pass by and the enormous smile your way, made you feel energized. Or worst a sad sack passed you by huffing and puffing with ridgid tone and you felt like "getting the heck away from them". You have heard the saying; People may not remember what you said to them but they remember how they felt when you were there by them.

To make a difference in another person's life for the positive will draw Success and Happiness to you as well as them.


To me I would say sharing happiness with others brings you success. You can have success and be or not be happy. Sharing your happiness with others is essential to becoming successfully happy yourself. So, spread the joy!

This is a win win situation. If we all connect and share ideas to build each other up instead of tear each other down, we will grow stronger and build a circle of success and happiness. Migrate towards what brings you up. 

Aloha Spirit~exemplifies this exact post. Be kind to others and build each other up! Live with a kind soul and share happiness to the ones you meet. If you know of something that can build another's spirit, well being, day or to help them thrive in any way...please share when the moment presents. 

Have an awesome day!

Aloha, Lori

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