Take Some Risks, And Conquer The Fears Of Starting Your Own Business!

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I am finding that as women, and especially mums, we are very adverse to risks!  I hear many fears of starting your own business. Why is this? What is actually holding us back?

There is that voice that comes through like:

What if I fail?
What will the neighbours say?
I don’t know enough about computers!
What if it’s a scam!?
I’m not good enough at it to start yet!

“What if I fail?  Oh but my darling, what if you fly?” Eric Hansen.

So go on, go push some small boundaries and build up to grabbing that bull by the horns! I have been doing this myself, like putting videos on YouTube! Aargh! Scary! I have recently enlisted a mentor to help me build up my business, confidence and knowledge so that I can progress faster. They have held my hand all the way so taking my business and starting another from scratch doesn’t feel quite so scary anymore! The right experience and education make everything less risky.

I have written the full blog on this subject on my website below:


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