The 5 Best Articles of 2017 Resonating With Your Interests


You shouldn’t be surprised when the figures are showing which are the best articles of the year as it is your choice

After almost two years of blogging it’s time to figure out which are the best articles according to your opinion.

To make this resumé of my best articles (most read by my audience), is inspired by James Clear, who I recommend you to follow to get your weekly dose of motivation and help to improve your habits in life. James clear uses to report his 10 best articles of the year, and he does it after the year comes to an end. Here's his report for the articles of 2016.

To monitoring a complete year, the cut will be made to this date. Thus, the analysis doesn't  include the two last weeks of the year in this year’s analysis. Instead,  it consists of the last two weeks of 2016. This is my approach, and at least I will differ somewhat from the rest of the gang.

As a passionate runner and online marketing entrepreneur, all my blog posts I write will be on those topics. However, the best articles according to your opinion will always show the direction of my writing. Let’s dive into it, and here comes the list of the 5 best articles of 2017.

No. 5-2 On The List of The Best Articles of 2017

No.5 - How To Make The Most Of Your Time And Money When Approaching Retirement  

Approaching retirementMany people do not take the step from the traditional “safe” corporate jobs to the more “unsafe” online entrepreneurship, due to many things. In a nutshell, this article opens up the scope by talking about part-time.

By even insisting on an online entrepreneurship as a part-time business, in the beginning, might be the reason why the post is among the 5 best articles of the year.  

No.4 - 5 Tips To Get Your New Year Resolution To Fly High

New Year Resolution 2017

New year resolution is a never-ending topic. We all want to learn more about it. The different approach could be the reason why this post is among the best articles of 2017.

By mixing a fantasy journey with serious commitments, is probably catching a lot of attention in this article.  

No.3 - 2 Reasons Why Acting As A Deaf Frog Could Be A Winning Strategy

This is an example of an article taking a different approach. You probably know the story about the competition among a group of frogs.

Placing this post among the best articles of the year is for sure because of its final bottom line moral. To act as “deaf frog” could often be the difference between achieving or not your goal.  

No.2 - Can You Start An Online Business Without Money?

Online business without moneyMoney is always a word that catches people's attention. In this article, we go through what it really takes to start up an online business.

A business can never start without some investment. However, this article reveals the small amount of money that you actually will need to have for your startup. If you can afford to go out for dinner once a month, you will also have enough resources to start your online business.

And The Winner of The Best Articles of 2017 Is….

Digital LifestyleNo.1 - Why You Should Seriously Consider The Digital Lifestyle

My guess for this article’s ranking as the best article of 2017, is the diversity. On one side, we are talking about how easy it really is to start up your own online business. On the other side, there is a scarcity part in the article.

The digital evolution is moving forward with a continues speeding up. Either you join the movement, or you will be left behind precisely like what happened to the dinosaurs millions of years ago.

The third approach of the article is the perfect fit this entrepreneurial activity has to the situation of the growing group of baby boomers. The 5 best articles of 2017 they all have in common that they deal exclusively with the topic of entrepreneurship. Further, 3 out 5 articles have a short video in the post. You want videos!

Thanks for being loyal readers of my blog. The information obtained through the survey this article is based on will serve a lot to continue delivering the content you like during 2018 and the years to come. Merry Christmas and do not miss the last blog post for 2017 within five days. 

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