The 7 Habits You Need For High Level of Effectiveness

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About three decades ago, Stephen R Covey penned a best-selling book, "The 7 habits of highly effective people" that impacted organisations and individuals in the personal development industry alike....and continues to do so!

It's been said that we first make our habits and then our habits make us!

And that's all true. 

Habits are so powerful in our lives that they are capable of determining one's destiny. They ascertain our level of effectiveness or ineffectiveness in achieving set goals impacting on our daily lives.

Covey's book is based on lasting principles of effectiveness. 

Have a go at the seven habits as culled from the book ...

1. Be Proactive                                                                                   

It's about taking responsibility for your own life. Being mindful that things don't just happen. Proactive people do more than take initiative by recognising that they are responsible for their own choices.

2. Begin With The End In Mind

This is based on your imagination...envisioning in your mind what your eyes can't currently see. You shape and design your own future by creating mental vision and purpose for anything that matters most to you.

3. Put First Things First. It's about managing your life

 People who put first things first organise and execute around their most important priorities.

4. Think Win-Win.

This is not just a quick-fix strategy or wanting to be nice! This requires you to have a mindset that seeks mutual benefit and mutual respect in all your interactions.You continually seek to build more relationships with others by making deposits into the emotional bank account.

5. Seek First To understand.

Then To Be Understood. Listening is an aspect of communication skill that remains a missing jewel in people's lives. True communication and relationship building occur when we listen with intent ot understand others and NOT to reply.

6. Synergise.

It's about creative cooperation ... recognising that two heads are better than one. 

7. Sharpen The Saw.

Like all other effective people, here you endeavour to constantly renew yourself in the 4 basic areas of life - physical, social/emotional, mental and spiritual. Doing so brings about growth and quality change in your life.

I have personally witnessed myself gradually becoming a better version of myself by these habits.

I hope you find this article inspiring you to action....and if so leave me a comment and/or share in the space below.

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