The Biggest Mistake Network Marketers Can Make

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Are you currently building or growing your business by chasing your friends, family, cold calling, one on one, home parties, hotel meetings, networking events?  Do you feel comfortable with that approach?  Is it working for you?

I can relate to that. I was involved in a couple of Network Marketing companies. The first one didn't make it, after a few years it closed down. The second one started strong, it was proliferating, but it didn't have support systems, and now, the countries that were once involved are no longer part of that company.

According to my uplines, if I wanted to grow my business, I had to make a list of friends and family, meet one on one, chase them and try to convince them to join.  

To be honest with you, the whole chasing family, friends, often talking business with them didn't go down so well plus I didn't want to rely on friends and family.  

Networking events, hotel meetings, party homes didn't work with me. The truth is that the business model didn't suit me. I was never comfortable with this old-school method, and I am also pretty sure most people are not comfortable with this strategy either.

However, If you are someone who believes that chasing, convincing, attending hotel meetings, home parties, networking events and so on are the best method for you, you may as well stop reading and continue with what you are doing. 

Don't get me wrong, MLM or Network Marketing is a great opportunity, that is why I joined twice. I loved the idea of working from home, building a team, using and promoting good quality products. 

And then I found a better way! I discovered how to build a successful business by leveraging the internet.

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If you are open minded, want to learn and embrace the digital world, chances are you are going to find out there is a more advanced way.

Thanks to an educational system through the internet called online marketing, you can run your business 24/7, 365 days a year; but it requires a certain level of training to get results. 


The lifeblood of any business is finding the right people to market. In Network Marketing is to build a team and recognise people who are suitable for your team.

But what does the internet has to do with it? Let's see if you relate to these circumstances? When was the last time you book a flight or holiday? Did you go to a travel agency or did you go online and did your own research? How do you prefer to purchase things these days? 

You may be well aware that this is the way things are going. We don't like getting sold, convinced, persuaded to buy something when we get all the information online that we ever need to make an informed decision.

Advertising online is a way of systemizing a system of acquiring customers. It can be done low-cost or paid advertising with global reach.

When starting in Network Marketing, you begin locally, with online marketing you can start advertising your business all over the world. 


Nowadays, creating a website is very easy. Your site will explain that by entering their email address, they will get something of value, it could be a free report, a free video, valuable insight, something that is going to entice them to give you their email address.


Once they give you their email address, you can contact your list by writing emails. The reason why you build a list of subscribers is for one simple reason. It gives us the facility to follow up with those people.

In Network Marketing to follow up with your prospects, it usually means talking on the phone or one on one meetings, while that is nice, it is time-consuming. These days you can use online where you can automate the emails to a potential audience. You send them out to all your subscribers ensuring they receive valuable information from you.


One way to continue delivering value is through webinars, videos, blogs, emails, online presentations leveraging technology to reach thousands of people worldwide. No need to worry about rejection because those who are interested will continue and if you keep delivering valuable information about the benefits of your products, they will get to know you and begin to trust you.

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People don't want to be persuaded or convinced, they want to make their own decisions based on an informed conclusion. Once they get to know you, trust you, and learn about the benefits and solutions you are providing, they will feel more comfortable about going ahead and purchase.  


Most Network Marketing will need to sell tons of retail products to make a significant income across hundreds, sometimes even thousands of distributors. 

In the early days, it takes a lot of time and a lot of retail sales for you to really earn. You also have to supply the product or ship the product to the customer. It is a long-term business model that can give you residual or passive income after you've grown that business.

Unfortunately, for most people it doesn't work that well, they speak to sceptical friends and family and those who get started don't stick around very long. As a result, most people get discouraged. 

If you feel your Networking career is not where it should be and your goal is to generate income much faster, you might want to look at starting an online educational system. 

You will not only get one of the best training systems, but you will also be working with people with the right mindset who work smart and strive for success. Yes, there is work involved, and you need to be committed. 

This system takes advantage of all of the new tools, the latest technology and all of the leverage that is available in today's digital world. Billions of people online nowadays use smartphones, ipads, laptop computers, desktops, tables and everything else enabling any individual who is determined to build a business. 

As you probably found out, making a list of friends and family is not the best way to build a business. If you're looking to achieve financial freedom from home, specifically through an "MLM" or network marketing opportunity, start using a new concept of selling High Ticket Products online. 

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