The Company Drone...

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"What am I doing with my life? Am I living it or am I going to some humdrum job I don't want to be at? Doing some small task getting paid to be a mindless drone. Or am I out there living life on my terms? The way I want to live! Doing the things that I want to do!"

The Company Drone!

Early morning I was stuck at a red light in downtown Seattle. I noticed everyone scrolling on their phones walking in a robotic formation. For the sake of argument, we're all mindless drones in some type of way. At a job waiting for a command, or we're programmed to run a company.


What is an orientation? It's the company programming your mind to act and think as the company does. My orientation felt like I was talking to a robot!😂 My instructor didn't take a breath. The questions and answers seemed pre-recorded ...(seriously)... You can tell the speech was given a million times over with no feelings, or emotions whatsoever, it was horrible!

I'm thinking, does he talk to his wife this way?😀 He's defiantly the definition of a company drone.  
It's not his fault! We're taught by our parents get a job and go to college.

However, these rules don't apply to 2%... (Entrepreneurs)... Being a company drone waiting for a command is totally unacceptable! I know you can relate! We're meant to live a life of FREEDOM! Doing WHAT WE WANT! WHEN WE WANT!

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