The Entrepreneur Within

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Let me start with a quote from Thomas Edison. Success is 99% perspiration and 1 % inspiration.

Unlock the Entrepreneur within, you already have and poses 99% of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. You were born with it and had already learned the skills before you were aged 16.

So, what are these skills?

  1. You learnt how to come up with ideas
  2. You learnt how to build and execute on an idea
  3. You learnt how to sell your idea – think about the last time you sold your parents on that toy you wanted
  4. You learnt how to network with people, with the other kids in the playground
  5. You learnt how to delegate and manage people – think about how you interacted in a team sport for example.

According to Jay Kubassek, most people think they are 1% of the way there or 5-10%, but Jay believes you are 99% of the way there, it’s the 1% that’s missing.

Are you one of the 90% of employees that come home feeling unfulfilled?

Do you think your only choice is working a job?

Isn’t life too short to spend half your life doing something you hate?

The answer or should I say solutions to all these questions is to quit your job within the next 90 days. Are you ready to free yourself from the slavery of your job?

The Successful Entrepreneur

How do you know if you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? Well this is what it takes and all successful entrepreneurs exhibit these traits:

  • You must take consistent action to achieve goals
  • You need to be open minded
  • You should value reputation over money
  • You need to see the best side in everyone
  • Take full responsibility for your actions
  • Understand that failure is part of growth
  • You need to believe in yourself

Following, these next steps will show you how to solve that 1% that is missing, it’s the final part in the equation of being a successful entrepreneur.

  • You need to find a mentor, a coach, a guide, someone to drive you. Think about all the successful athletes; they all have coaches and trainers. Why would you not have one in business? All successful business people do.
  • You need to exploit the internet, the potential and the leverage is huge. The only place to start a business today is online.
  • You need to get paid, you need to make sales, you need products or services that will deliver this to you.
  • You need to focus on serving the product or service, not on profit. Provide the best possible service and everything else will fall into place.

Six Figure Mentors answers all the questions and provides the 1% that is missing from the equation. But you need to believe in yourself and take action. You will discover more about how the Six Figure Mentors program can help you by clicking on this link.

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