The Laptop Lifestyle, is it just a Dream?

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Maybe you see it here and there, the Laptop Lifestyle, the beaches, sun and the optional Dreamlife.


Maybe you think "Think if I could..." Or maybe you are more of a doubter. You think its just scam, fraud and someone who wants to trick you. 

I was more of the Doubter. And here I will list some of my fears: 

Fraud - It´s too good to be true, it is just someone who wants to take my money, and the business is not existing. 
I am too old - I am 55, the technical parts are way beyond me. Even if I understand some. But isn´t this just too much to learn? 
Can you really just work two hours a day? Too good to be true again? - I mean, I am taught, that it´s 40 hours week that is necessary, was THAT a scam? 
I don´t want to live on a beach, I just want to work from home! - Yeah, Why is the beach there all the time, it must be some hidden things! 
Well, I know what I have! A good job, and I don´t know what this is, what I get...Think of... - The fear of getting tricked again. 

So I was searching, looking, reading, googling and so on. And I found that it was worth to try it. I am 55, but I´m not getting younger. Do I want to dream all my life, or do I want to take a chance? To find a new better life to live? A better Lifestyle, a Freedom Lifestyle with the Laptop Lifestyle. 

There is a Devil on one shoulder and a Dreamer on the other. Why are you listening to the Devil so much? Why are we afraid of our dreams? To take the step and move forward. To jump out and take the chance that flies by. The chance doesn´t always stop, it just passes. Does the "Right Moment" ever occur? Are you waiting for the train that never will come? There goes a bus, and a taxi, and one more bus. But you still are waiting for the train!!! 

It´s like Mel Robbins said: You´ll never gonna feel for it! No, that´s true, you have to work with YOU! To take the chance, risk, moment, opportunity and so on. 

So I really felt that my life Must Change! I must Dare! I must take the Chance! I can´t wait anymore. The dream won´t just come and land on my knee, I have to grab the Dream, hold it, Look it in the Eyes and say "Now will WE continue TOGETHER!" 

HERE You can get a 30 days FREE TRIAL If you feel like I did. A little scared and hesitant. 

So what happened? Am I on the beach? 

Well, I still am not dreaming of a life on the beach. Because I am a person who likes to work on my farm and do things with my hands. But I have had a little "joke dream" about buying a small house in France or Spain by the sea in a small village. And now when I work with and live the Laptop Lifestyle, I think "Is it maybe a Real Dream? And a Dream that I can catch and Live?" 


I am thinking of it for REAL now, but I am not done yet with my Swedish Lifestyle yet, but I am sure done with the 9-5 Lifestyle!!! So I will move to my beach, but not yet, but I have a Plan!

So the question about working 2 hours a day? And if it´s possible to live the Laptop Lifestyle? 
The answer is YES! You can do your computer work, place ads, and make movies or what work you have in Your Business. And when that is done, the things work by itself on the Internet. The Online Business doesn´t require you watching all the time! And it doesn´t need coffee breaks, but you can take them instead. 

And the question about age and fear? The blueprint is proven and step by step and has helped thousands of people. I just follow the blueprint and make it step by step. I have all the help I want. I just have to focus on MY MINDSET and MY VISION and MY STEPS. And I really wasn´t tricked! 

                                        Isn´t it awesome? 

So if YOU isn´t that afraid that I was, you can get an application HERE for $29,95 with 30 days Full Money Back Guarantee. And Bonus Course.

So the Final question, is the Laptop Lifestyle just a Dream? Well, the answer to that is YES A Dream that Can Come TrueBut you have to grab it and take it by the hand and walk step by step. 

And if you don´t, then it will remain just a Dream. It´s your choice! What will YOU do? Will you start walking with the Dream in Your Hand! 

I hope for the last, then WE can see each other, on a beach somewhere in the world! 

Love, Anette! 

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