The Parameters of Struggles and Hardship

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The parameters of struggle and hardship vary from person to person. One person’s problem does not equate a similar experience to another. Now, why do people struggle differently from a problem of the same magnitude? Well, it ultimately comes down to experience but most importantly their attitude in MINDSET. People grow up with different experiences in life and techniques of coping with the different problems they face, some crumble easily, some persevere. No matter what a people experience in their struggles and hardship in life, it all comes down to their mentality. This is where we clearly see the differences between the weak and the strong-willed individuals. Now, if we compare the social status of the world, we all know that the world is nowhere equal, we also know that there is a lot of inequality beyond what we can think of. However, one big fact that no can deny is that the threshold level in mental pressure from the people in the developing countries is way higher compared to the developed countries. People from India, Africa and such cope problems far worse than what we can ever imagine from a developed country’s perspective. Most of the strugglers don’t even have the basic necessities or support they need to live their daily life. We, on the other hand, the privileged countries who have most, if not all of the needs, cannot even walk out of the house feeling grateful for what we have. In fact, the people from the underdeveloped countries take challenges in life with a smile.

Mindset is the key differentiating factor that separates us. Their drive is survival and they will do whatever it takes just to make life a little bit better. Whereas for us, we mainly live life for its pleasures and take things for granted. I am not here to be bashing about our attitudes, but I am reminding you to be grateful of the little things in life as this is one of the biggest factors that will greatly affect your success. Money is nothing but a tool for us to utilise, positive mindset is the deciding factor of how you face your day and this applies no matter how rich you are. I am sure that you have heard it many times that celebrities, millionaires and public figures take their life time-to-time.

Before I give my thoughts about how to cope with your personal struggles and hardship. I have to tell you a little about me and that I have been self-studying and researching psychology from a very young age. To a point that I give personal psychotherapy to people who need it most (suicidal people and the depressed). I have also done many trial and error experiments in the early years of my research and was successful on some advance levels in psychology.

Okay back to the topic, so how should you approach your personal struggles and hardship in life? I strongly suggest to take a step back from your problems and evaluate. Take around a minimum of 10 minutes to just think things through and then take twice the amount of time to meditate. If you don’t know what meditation is, it is basically clearing your mind and emotions to change the direction of your mental state.

You can meditate by following this:

1.) Go to a quiet area and sit or lay in a comfortable position

2.) Close your eyes and relax. Take deep slow long breaths for around 1 minute. Our brain is reliant on oxygen and the brain needs this most when trying to achieve a mind of clear state.

3.) Mentally isolate yourself by concentrating all of your senses back to yourself – your body. Pay attention to the beating of your heart, hear it, feel it move and the other sensations you feel around your body. Smell the nothingness of air or the scent of the place that surrounds you, if it doesn’t feel pleasant, I suggest to relocate as this is will a distraction from your meditation.

4.) Here, reflect on how what actions you have taken when reacting to your problems. It is very important that you do not evoke your emotions of anger and sadness. Instead, evoke the positivity and calmness to your mind. When you do start evoking the negativity, think of your happy state, happy for no reason and just because you are.

5.) Do this over and over again and reinstate that you are emotionally positive and mindful of the little things in life. Be grateful, happy, confident and positive.

Now the reason why this is the best way how you should take on the struggles and hardship in life is because the MIND CANNOT EFFECTIVELY FUNCTION WHEN EMOTION RUNS YOUR THOUGHTS. You must firstly eliminate the overpowering actions of emotions. Practice this, as this is a very very very strong tool for you to have. If you don’t know, every successful people knows this and does a form of meditation. They even do this every day and especially when in negativity. Your mind is the most destructive but also the most powerful healer. You have the choice of how you utilise what is in stored in your mind, but it is best used for positivity to achieve a state of mental clarity.

I thank you for having the time to read my content, please take this free information seriously. If you are having a hard time with it, please don’t stop and keep practising, you will eventually SEE what I mean when you reach that state. If you do want to learn more, feel free to contact me. If you are interested in creating a business with you as the centre of your time why not try and click this link HERE.

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