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Life has thrown at me many events that have tested me, taken me to my emotional limits, and it has likely been the same for you.

At the time, it’s hard to understand why life has handed us these cards – we are good people, right? But there is a reason and I truly believe this to be true…

I believe that the universe knows we can handle these struggles and find our strength. It knows that we will build backbone from our pain, and tough as it can seem, over time we will become greater women as a result.

And in time, we will gain the ability to understand these events and look at them with new eyes and with renewed focus and meaning that allows us to understand how these events have, in fact, enabled us to become the women we are today – strong women, with compassion, integrity, and emotional depth.

So after all you have been through, surely now is the time to harness that personal power…time to make a choice as to how you will focus your purpose.

Isn’t it time to step up and take a stand for your life? After all, to use your life experience to provide value & support for others brings meaning.

After all, who are you REALLY? What is your mission? Continue reading here


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