The Start of an Online Business

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The Start of an Online Business

One of my favourite sayings these days is “Fail Faster to Succeed Sooner. This has not always been the case with me as it probably isn’t with a lot people. It took me quite some time to come to the conclusion that an affiliate online marketing business with strong mentorship and guidance is without doubt the best online business model out there.  One that can deliver my goals of today -Financial Freedom and Lifestyle. Click here for more information on Affiliate Marketing.

Who is IvanT

Yip, the name written does not easily read well in English and my friends often call me IT or Ivan T because of it. To pronounce it correctly (well as close as you will get) in English you just need to put some vowels in amongst the consonants as in Tiverton, or in my case Tiverdich.

Where do I start? Well with me when I left school I sort of didn’t really know what I wanted to do, although I always knew I would be doing something physical, a trade or something.

I got the opportunity in the electronics industry which is where I remained for some years after with my own retail business, service business and whilst there I knew then there was more to this than working a 9-5 job and had already even then started to do self-development courses. Those days they were audio tape bundles.

The writing was on the wall, the industry was changing and my prospects for employment seriously reduced so I retrained an entered into the information technology industry, where I for years worked initially as an engineer and then management for the 25 years.

All this time I had the entrepreneurial streak with in and in parallel searched and developed many different mail order businesses with none really taking off, the internet came a long and I transferred my entrepreneurial drive to businesses on line.

Many failures along the way started to take its tole and the fear of failure started to take control of my endeavours. Despite this I endured prolonged my agony and persevered, the only lesson I did know at the time was to fail faster so that I could go on to succeeding much sooner.

I would hear my persistent negative inner voice whispering rejection to me. I have long since stopped looking lost and anxious and often remind myself that fear is natural and if I crash and burn, it’s not going to kill me. These days I learn a lot faster.  

My Search for The Ultimate Business

It was some few years ago, that I had made the decision to look for new ways of making a living the old ways I was accustomed to were crumbling, IT departments were reducing and the demand for my skills all but disappearing even in the business management area and that certainly happen in my job working at the time for a global electronics company.

MY ROLE WAS MADE REDUNDANT. Shock horror initially, so I had to do something and that something was buying into a franchise a business with an existing cash flow, but what I didn’t realise at the time was that business was going to be a boat anchor, I had just bought myself a job.

I only realised sometime later that I needed to find another way, a way that would give me the lifestyle that I had only dreamed and visualised up till then. It was a lifestyle of my choosing and not one where the business dictated to me.

I discovered many online business opportunities, some good, some bad and many full of hype and promises of huge wealth… Really?

I came to the conclusion that there was no get rich quick method, certainly HUGE POTENTIAL, but it required work and consistent hard work. I certainly wasn’t afraid of hard work. So, what was this online business model that was going to work for me? What was the criteria?

This is what I came up with. Any business I was going to consider would have to:

  1. Teach me the business
  2. Provide an existing Business Platform
  3. Not only teach, but mentor me
  4. Move me forward into earning
  5. The earning had to be scalable

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 What was Required was a mental shift

A different way of thinking and attitude was going to be required, the morale killing corporate mentality was not going to do it, this was quite clear to me. As I researched further, I found that the entrepreneurial mind set was going to be essential, there was going to have to be a shift in my thinking.

This was going to be the one single thing that would make the biggest difference and impact on my online life moving forward. Being my own boss was going to be challenging and the following was just the start to the mental preparation and adjustment that was required:

  • There is no room for procrastination
  • I had to give things my full focus and not let other things distract me
  • I had to get out the grey zone, the most unproductive zone to be in
  • Clear my mental desk
  • Form good habits
  • Believe in what I was doing

The mindset was going to be a barrier. Success was going to come from a changed mindset and that was going to need work.

My comfort zone was to be challenged and I am constantly being pushed to do something I’ve never done before. My beliefs were challenged and the fear just had to be overcome and I work on it daily.

Creating the Ideal Life Moving Forward

Started with taking the first step and that was with a clear vision of the life I wanted. I Define the steps to create it, then went out and got the knowledge on how to execute the steps. Developed a belief in myself and work on that every day and most importantly my PURPOSE and my WHY.

I take action now and do the things that will get results, I don’t wait for tomorrow.

So what’s the one thing I need to do today?

That is


Not a lifestyle around my business

I Imagine Financial Freedom


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