The Top 5 Skills Needed to Become a Billionaire

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Billionaires and other highly successful people all have specific actions and habits that they do daily in order to reach where they are now. Follow me as I go over each skill so that you can be on the fast track to success!

Skill #1; Body Language

     There are hundreds of insights that we can gain just by looking at a persons body. Most of these insights are feelings that we feel naturally and subconsciously, without knowing we are doing it. A person tells a lot by the way they are standing, walking, tone of their voice, what they are doing with their arms and hands, and facial expressions.

Observe the next person you see and be aware of how they hold themselves to see for yourself; an erect posture, with a smile and open arms suggests they are confident and have a role of leadership; if they are slouched, have rolled shoulders and hands in their pockets- they probably don't care too much for being in social situations, have a more closed-off personality, or maybe they feel shy or nervous.

Now, if you want to exhibit alpha body language- learn good posture, use your hands more when you speak to emphasize your point, and when you talk- be NICE AND CLEAR!

Skill #2; Time Management

     Arguably one of the most essential skills required to reach any level of success, budgeting your time can save you time, and you get more work done in the process. Knowing what you need to get done allows you to set aside the essential period of work time in the morning, afternoon, or evening- giving you focus on your work and increasing productivity exponentially. Remember, time is the one resource we cannot get back.

"We all have the same 24 hours in a day, both the billionaire and the beggar- it is what you do with it that determines your success."

     We can either spend our time on our busy schedules and work, or we can spend it ideally with our loved ones and passions. Me and my mentors have an opportunity that can help you get your time back so you can spend it the way you want while developing an income on the side. Earn your Free Life today.

Skill #3; Money Management

     Being wise with your spending and investments can give you the edge required to step out on top. A couple of ways to be mindful about money is by: managing and increasing your credit score to give you deals and saving you money in the future; living below your means and using the rest to generate wealth through business or investments; or simply saving away 10% of your paycheck and sealing it away in an investment fund or retirement fund.

Did you know that if you put away a consistent amount in your 401k every year for ten years, you will generate much more interest and retire a millionaire than if you started investing at the age of 40 and saved the same amount until you actually retire?

There is a bonus for thinking ahead about money while it's early, and it's a great idea to set up a 401k now before you wait too late.

Skill #4; Learning

     Every successful person, especially the billionaires, are constantly learning every day. This can be through speeches, digesting academics and entrepreneurial content, or most importantly: reading books. Successful people such as Steve Jobs and Tim Ferriss read anywhere between 2-4 books per week! But be careful as they aren't reading Harry Potter and Romance novels. They are reading genuine success books from highly successful people; millionaires, billionaires, leaders and business owners alike.

     Here is a huge success habit that you should try and incorporate into your life: find a good success book and read atleast 15 to 30 minutes a day, every single day. Apply this knowledge and you will become wealthy and significant in no time!

  • Skill #5; Energy Management

     Even the greatest minds need to recharge, and so many people find fulfilment in leading healthy and natural lifestyles. Maintaining your energy is vital to your productivity and work ethic, and is the power drive to getting the most important things done and saving energy for your relationships and recreation. Simple exercises can keep you on track to keeping your energy nice and high, here are a couple of them that I utilize below: 

  • When you wake up in the morning, do some BIG stretches, yoga and/or some relaxing meditation to energize the start and most productive part of your day!
  • Whenever you are sitting down and doing computer or paperwork for a long time, get up and get the blood pumping. Not only will it give your eyes a break, it will bring more oxygen to the brain so you can think clearer and it keeps your body from falling asleep. This is a great replacement for coffee! (But coffee is still delicious so have it when you are done ;)
  • In the afternoon or evening, go for a nature walk, and connect with what our Creator has provided for us. Get some fresh air, exercise your amazing body, and go for the end!
  • Night time comes and you need some sleep. Turn off any screens atleast an hour before hitting the hay, and maybe read a book or do some journaling instead! Not only will it give you better quality sleep and let you fall asleep faster, it also excites your creativity and de-stresses the mind to end your night well.

Bonus Skill #6; Aggressive Patience

     I thought I should throw this one in for you as it is necessary to bring everything I taught you together- you WILL NOT see results over night. You need to apply success principles and habits consistently so you can see the results you are expecting. To become a billionaire, you need a lot of energy, you need to apply hundreds of books, you need to schedule the time and be productive while being wise with your money, and of course you need to be great with people to provide value. You will see all of that value back, your return of investment, after you have given everything you got. With delayed gratification, you will be able to achieve financial freedom in the future by applying everything you see here and taking the opportunities presented to you. 

     I am sure you are probably here because you have an interest, or even better- a commitment- in getting that lifestyle you desire and deserve. As I mentioned before, you need to apply these skills and other strategies of success to get where you want to go, but you also need an opportunity to get you there step by step. I am glad I have got the opportunity to meet some really great people who have shown me a way to the success I want in my life, and I want you to have the opportunity of meeting my mentors as well.

Do you have the ambition, have the commitment, and have the soul-felt desire of having your dreams become a reality for you? If so, I want to meet you and help you get there step-by-step, and introduce to you some of my most important life mentors so that you can earn that life you truly deserve. Learn more about us here, and let's succeed together! :)

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Love. Passion. Success.

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