Who Is The Winner Of The U.S. Elections 2016?

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The winner isn’t the one you think!

The purpose of this article is to analyze step by step to find out who is the winner. In the end, we are going to reveal the real winner of the elections.

In this very moment publishing this article, we still don’t have the official winner of yesterday's elections.

Whoever will be the final winner, the new president of the United States of America is writing history. Either it will be the first female president or the first president who doesn’t possess the legendary political career.

The two candidates’ background plus the conflictive environment between the two, makes the campaign different in many ways. Whatever opinion you might have and whoever you support, I think we can agree on one thing:

It is a campaign fully loaded with plenty of happenings, scandals, tears, laughs or whatever description you prefer to use.

Personally, I have never enjoined a U.S. presidential campaign like this one. To be honest, the standard pattern of the U.S. presidential campaigns is quite boring. This year it is a reality show of highest level, and for sure the television ratings compete with shows we use to watch on TV week after week.

The Winner Hits Strategically


The years of preparation for Hillary Clinton to get where she is follows a typical political pattern. In a way, she uses a proven method towards her position as the candidate for her political party.

For sure, she has a lot of advisers and coaches along the way to not leave anything to an unknown route of destiny.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, applies his knowledge as a businessman with experience. From the first marketing approach with the wall on the Mexican border, (see my article of the 23rd of April 2016, “What Marketers Can Learn From Donald Trump), to the debate technique, the pattern of a spunky businessman gives his individual touch to the discussions.

We all love to see the fight between these two persons and the presidential debates break U.S. rating records. What a show!

The frustration both candidates have to deal with is the unconventional backgrounds of the two, or at least for one of them. It is like asking the world champion heavyweight boxer to enter the ring and fight against the world champion in Taekwondo.

These two sports have as a common goal to knock down the opponent. The rest is different. Different techniques and tactics. Even the judges will have problems to evaluate their talents.

For sure it would be an entertaining show and most probably their unique talents in their respective discipline will be secondary. The primary goal will be to win by using any possible method.

The U.S. election campaign follows a similar pattern this year. The priority topics for the country are put in the shadow for the “hits” to become the winner and finally the president for the country.

The Nomination Of The Winner Goes Beyond Standard Procedures

As the voters select the final winner, the decision to take in these elections is entirely different if we  compare to previous elections. The good thing though is that each and every voter this time have to add another dimension to their decision process.

None of the “prefabricated” frames to vote will work this year. As the example about the battle between the boxer and the Taekwondo fighters, the judges need to use an entirely different criterion.

This time the voters have to do their homework and find out which frame to use or construct a whole new structure for this new challenge.

This will help all people to make a decision that goes beyond established political programs and parties. It will force the voters to make a decision based on something else. This process will also induce the voters to go deeper into the decision process and make them more involved and engaged.

The procedure will be similar to the one you use when taking an important decision in your own life. It could be a business plan for a business where you need to invest money. As your money will be involved, for sure you will be incredibly detailed and cautious to be sure about the next step to take, whatever your decision will be.

Due to the characteristics of the two presidential candidates, every single voter needs to examine in detail how to vote.

All this will produce decision takers and not only voters. We have to treat the democracy from another point of view. The political system for sure will have to redesign its own processes.

Thus the winner of the political circus of the year is the voter. The voter needs to understand the two alternatives to vote for. The voter needs to be actively engaged in the topics both candidates bring up as their political program.

If you are a U.S. citizen, and you voted, well, then you are the winner!

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