Thinking, Acting, Purpose, and Appreciation


There are many aspects to becoming successful. Some of the highest stages of doing so is by think and acting the right way and appreciating everything that happens in your life.

Thinking the Right Way

Before anything can happen there must be thought. Thought is through everything, in everything, and can influence everything. So, what does that mean? Thinking, Acting, Purpose, and Appreciation (                                                              

Nothing on this planet hasn't come from thought. Thomas Edison pictured a lit-up city in his mind before the light bulb invented. Henry Ford pictured an affordable car in every driveway before coming up with the assembly line. Everyone of you will have to picture your wants and needs before attaining them. Ask yourself what you want out of your business. What do you want out of life? See those thoughts in your mind during your leisure moments. See yourself delivering what goods or services you can offer to create that type of income. These thoughts will carry you to your destination you dream about. It is the way the universe works and it can not fail in doing so. It. Is. Law. that the universe delivers what we want from it. The universe is actually on our side in giving what we want. The other side of this is how are you talking to yourself? Always build yourself up. Never but, never invalidate you. Not part of the program. Thinking the right way is vital. But it isn't the only thing needed to be done.

Acting The Right Way

Now that you have thinking down, thought, it takes lots of practice, you now have to act the right way. Perhaps a better way of putting it is; doing things a certain way. An example of this is; Let's say you are running a business online. And your buddy across town is doing the same thing. You are getting rich at your business and your buddy is going broke. Why is that? You are running advertisements online. You use many platforms to do so. And people are buying what ever it is you are selling. Thinking, Acting, Purpose, and Appreciation 


You call your buddy on the phone and compare statistics and he isn't exactly happy with his. The natural question from you would be; "What are you doing?" Your buddy says that he running ads just like you. You ask; "What type of ads?" He said he's running ads in the news paper, just like you. You are going to laugh and ask where he got that concept from because nobody runs ads in the news paper. Then you suggest running ads online, just like you are. You may want to give him a few tips, but don't be too generous because he has to figure things out for himself in the long run. You see, your buddy didn't act in a certain way. He didn't do thing in the certain way. To get an idea as to how to do things in a certain way, you have to know your business in as many levels as possible. Get the idea?


Along with doing things the right way, there has to be a sense of purpose. If you are wishy-washy, you will get nowhere. Your focus will be off and you'll be chasing butterflies. Act with purpose and ideas will come easier along with the tasks you have to do to become rich.Thinking, Acting, Purpose, and Appreciation 



Quite possibly the most important one of the four. To give appreciation for your experiences is what ties you to the Most Powerful in the universe. If you don't include this Being in your plan of action, you will probably fail every time. And if you do succeed without the Most Powerful, you will not be happy of feel fulfilled in your life. To be appreciative is to give you faith in yourself and the universe. Be appreciative for the failures as much as the successes. Because it is in your failures is where you learn who you are. You learn where your weaknesses are as well as your strengths. Be appreciative for everything. If you do experience failure, another opportunity will come along that will be better than the last. And appreciation is what brought on the better opportunity. This is an attitude in becoming successful. Call it a recipe that can not fail. There are other steps one should take to become successful but, these I find to be vital. I will talk about other steps as time progresses. But you can't miss with the right thinking, acting, purpose, and appreciation.

The above was taken from the book; The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles.

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