What is Normal

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Hi. This is me, Gaye Turner, 59 and live on the beautiful Isle of Wight.  

Just an ordinary person, who has had an ordinary upbringing. As a child l was full of hopes and dreams, as all children do. My parents worked hard all their lives, doing the best they could for myself and my two younger sisters. Unfortunately, the sad reality of life seems all too soon upon us.

My parents past, my sisters are still happily married to their devoted husbands, each has two children and are pretty much leading the life they have known as normal. Working hard, paying bills, saving for holidays, having a so-called structured life. I, on the other hand, am wondering what is normal? Is there more to life than "Normal"

So, what have l actually achieved? looking back, not much.

My life has had many ups and downs, two marriages, both disasters in their own way. Two wonderful children and one lovely granddaughter. I'm a great dog lover and at the moment have a ten-year-old Yorkshire terrier. Movingundefined to the Isle of Wight was one of my better ideas, so many lovely walks, from beautiful countryside to gorgeous beaches. That's Charlie, he walked the Wight May 2015, 14 miles, with my daughter and me. Raising money for the only Hospice on the Island.

My working life has been working in care for 42 years, ouch, that's a long time. Not much chance of promotion, certainly no financial security. Living in a one bedroom flat, working hard to pay the bills, doing the same things every day, because it is expected and that is what "normal" people do.

Well, l have decided l don't like normal anymore. I would rather be different and make something of my life. Firstly l had to believe in me. You would be surprised how many people don't believe in themselves, that's why they are working to live.

To turn my life around l had to look back at who l was, has anything changed much or at all? that was quite difficult because l realised it hadn't, then ask myself what do l want my future to be like, that bit was easy. I had dreams again, not childhood dreams, but, real achievable dreams. Now l 'm feeling grateful, much happier looking forward to the future, to freedom from normality, financial freedom. Taking action to make a difference for myself and my family.

Stop wondering "What is Normal" and be different, live your dreams.

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