TidyURL - The Free URL redirection, cloaking and social sharing service

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As the internet is ever expanding, it seems that link length is increasing right along with it making, it difficult to remember and share URLs with others. It's especially true on any offer or product pages where URLs include a long sequence of letters and numbers that are close to impossible to remember. This has forced users to save hundreds of links to their bookmarks keep track of their URLs by some other unproductive means such as emailing them to themselves and so on. We at SFM, wanted TidyURL to be a great service that offers a solution to the link shortening, cloaking and sharing problem. 

At it's base, TidyURL is a URL redirection service that allows you to obviously, redirect or cloak your target websites but the system it's capable of way more than that. This short URL generator allows you to take links that are hundreds of characters long and shorten them to as few as 20 characters. In addition, it stores your created links for later reference. Instead of remembering a long URL you simply have to remember the URL that YOU chose or visit www.tidyurl.com and login to access the URLs you have created.

You can set these shortened links as target for Adwords, Facebook or any other PPC campaigns you may be running, to mask the long offer or product links. A link shortener is a type of URL redirection, meaning that you put in your chosen URL and are redirected to your intended website. The first notable custom URL shortener was launched in 2002.

Since then URL shorteners haven't changed much, sometimes new ones pop-up charging a service fee instead of offering a free URL redirection service but there were essentially doing the same job. In addition, most URL redirection services aren't custom and instead stick you with a shortened, but often hard to remember URL. Since their creation website URL shortener services have been abused for spamming. Having a free short URL service allowed many spammers to take advantage of the system and create misleading links to their websites. We are taking serious measures against this abuse by regularly deleting any links that trigger a spam filter.

So why TidyURL instead of other services?

TidyURL makes generating short URLs quick and painless. The registration process takes about 10 seconds to complete and doesn't ask any personal information. Simply enter your first name or alias, email and password of choice and you're on your way to creating your own shortened URLs. In addition, TidyURL is a customized URL shortener that allows you to choose the URL extension. For example other systems provide you with a URL that might look like "http://doma.in/1cV3URh" while a TidyURL is simply "www.tidyurl.com/cats" to redirect you to your favorite article about cats.

TidyURL also offers advanced features such as choosing what type of redirect you'd like(temporary or permanent), "social sharing" or "social bar" which creates a bar at the top of the website you've created a URL for that allows viewers to easily tweet or like the page. It also allows you to put in a custom image, heading and description when you share a page on social media sites - very powerfull. You can create "menus" which allows you to properly organise your links and then share the entire menu on any other location that accepts html.

These features are unique to TidyURL and are't offered by any other URL shortening services. In short, TidyURL offers complete customization, organization and manipulation of your links, web addresses and URLs not available anywhere else.

UPDATE: Nowadays TidyURL plays an evermore important role in the SFM online marketing strategies. Click here to see what the buzz is all about! Marius,

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