To learn new skills you need to have a reason WHY

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Change your life, learn new skills!

Why to learn new skills? Because you want to change your life! Because you have a reason WHY.


There are so many things that used to interest me and so many new skills I’d say I like to learn. Often I jumped from one course to another, from one classroom to the next and changed my mind as soon as something else, a little more exciting, came along. I never accomplished much after all or I completely failed in it.


To learn new skills you need to have a WHY. And I didn’t have it. I was only interested, flirting with an idea, but I didn’t have a deep motive behind it to sustain and actually learn it properly. Often it was conditioned by fashion, often by what other people were doing, or just by what I should be doing conditioned or influenced by family, work or environment. But none of them were strong enough reasons to stay committed and successfully conquer it.


Unless you really have a strong WHY you’ll be forever only interested to learn but never actually master it or much of it. The reason WHY is the initial point of the journey. Perfectly established the WHY and the you will never derail.


My journey to become an entrepreneur and free myself from the employment started exactly with a strong desire. With the strongest WHY you could imagine. I was already so fed up being surrounded by strange people that were happily dumping their life’s disappointment, anger and frustrations onto their more vulnerable colleagues on lower positions, distributing their negativity and forcing their egos, that I had no choice by to fully commit and succeed, as for me, there was no turning back.


My beginnings were hard, I’d found myself looking at all the information and stuff to learn and absorb, thinking "What the hell I got myself into? Why didn’t I just remain in my old life and continue without major challenges and uncertain future?" Well, as soon as the little devilish voice started talking to me, I sobered up and reminded myself of the choices: 1) Stay in your obsolete life and hate it and yourself forever, pretend you are happy, just because you are comfortable, fear the unknown just for the sake of it, or 2) GO FOR IT!! Give it all you have, all your energy and reasons, all your brains and the brain has more capacity than it showed so far, fear the unknown, yes, but turn your fear into your drive and don’t you ever turn back.


At the end of the day, what have I got to lose than just a say: What the hell, at least I have tried, but at least I will not hate myself for not trying when it comes to counting my days. And what have I got to gain?? Everything!!! My dream life, my FREEDOM, my desired lifestyle, my everything!!

So I really had no choice but to try, do it for myself, do it for my children, but also do it for those that were skeptical and didn't believe in me.

And there is no way back. My strong WHY was and still is my drive, my charging energy, my daily reminder of how it could be and when I can’t find a reason why to continue, I remember the reason why I have started!


To be able to change your life you need to have a why, you need to learn new skills.

And you can do it too, and even better!




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