Unfulfilled, fed up? Need help with your personal and professional development?

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Unfulfilled and Fed Up with your life and work?

Are you feeling like I was?

I was jumping from one job to the next. Although I put all my efforts and commitment to the job, I just didn’t feel satisfied or content.
I would get frustrated with things out of my control, stagnant and didn’t feel I was learning and growing. I felt unfulfilled. So I ended up searching again.

Robot Unfulfilled controlled world laptop lifestyle

I plodded on through each day, unhappy, no excitement. The same old same old. Even my daily conversations and other activities became tiresome. Getting up in the morning was hard, I felt like a robot in a controlled world, in an empty body, I guess depressed. All the joys of just seeing and hearing the beauty of life just weren’t there anymore, I had no motivation.

I needed a holistic magic wand or something? So how did I get focused on what was happening?

Motorhome friend Ireland Trip depressed fed up dream lifestyle

Well, it was after I had a very busy 9 months of working without any breaks. I’d planned to take some time out and do 4 weeks of travel in a motorhome.
I was physically exhausted by the time I reached that break. I can tell you I had had enough and gave myself a talking to.

Me Ireland holiday Freedom dream lifestyle unfulfilled

That self-talk and time out of the working day and normal stresses of life routines gave me the time and space to allow myself to be reflective, reflective of my whole life. I needed it.

I reminded myself of the skills and experience that I wasn’t using. I had been a therapist, social worker, a business owner, a step mum, accommodation manager, aerobics instructor, I’d worked in pubs, clubs and the list goes on. I have also done a good amount of travel in my 20’s. I thought about all the hard depressed times, the loss of friends, family, relationships, partner and my own business that I’d given up for a relationship. Self-sacrifices.
I became aware of ‘me’ again and how I was feeling. I was able to identify a dream life.

What’s important to me is that I like to help others and I have great empathy. It gives me a sense of purpose and gratitude to be doing what I am doing. Job satisfaction and fulfillment. When I feel like this, everything in my life is beneficial and I feel privileged and able to connect with the happiness of others and connect with all things around me.

Dog and Me sunset connecting holistic help laptop lifestyle

For me, it is about opening my mind and seeing. Thinking about what is important and what actually works for me and what I want and need in my life. A holistic approach to my life.

Hierarchy of human needs Holistic help dream laptop lifestyle

It couldn't all change just because I became aware, oh no!
It just made me look at different opportunities that may help my personal and professional development.

For my dream life, I wanted more time freedom to do the things I wanted and work towards having peace of mind financially. I know how passionate and committed I can become to work for that.

Laptop lifestyle dream Personal and professional help unfulfilled

I saw an advertisement on Facebook and it ticked my boxes, it said: 'What are you waiting for,' ‘earn as you learn' with a digital lifestyle.
I was at first hesitant and initially thought it’s just another get rich quick scam, or give them my money and get nothing from it. They offered a video series for free. 

Soon I became aware that this was a professional network of people all over the world that were part of a specialist Academy. They are committed 200% to helping the right people achieve their dreams, they really know everything! I still keep pinching myself. My personal and professional development in one place and I can develop this however I want and work towards my dream life.

Come and have a look. If you felt like me, no job satisfaction, fed up with searching, feeling unfulfilled, need motivation you can do something about it now.
It’s up to you. Click on any of the links on this page.

Caring is Sharing so please share with someone who might get some benefit and value from reading this.

Love Delly


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