WAKE UP and be Receptive to Reality


WE NEED to WAKE UP and be Receptive to what is happening in our world today because the truth will set you free. 

Being aware and noticing people's behavior is a real education.

Being raised in a family of 6 children there was very little extra,  there was enough. I didn't think we were poor until the Salvation Army brought us our Christmas gifts. I was embarrassed and felt inferior to those who received so much for Christmas from Santa and their parents. We went to church every Sunday ,listened to our parents, did well in school but now felt inferior. My brothers used the term "SMARTEN UP"  with me when we were kids so I guessed I must have been dumb.

I loved the social part of school and joined most clubs  and team sports as I was successful in that area of my life. I liked meeting new girl friends and having a great old time. When guys came on the scene I became very quiet and shy again. I didn't think I had anything very smart to say.

I enjoyed my high school years playing on most sports teams and became a cheerleader.Cheerleader 2

Fortunately my group of friends were like minded and we got along in public school , high school and some of us went on to teachers college. I stayed away from the term "Smarten Up" while raising our kids and realize now how we all need to "WAKE UP."

The age of the computer is upon us and now we need to "WAKE UP" to that fact.

Many stores are closing their doors as most items are now being sold on line. Robots can do many of the jobs people are presently doing, soon there will be very few traditional workers needed.

Harvard no longer has a legal division for lawyers education, I guess we won't need as many of them. Most education can be taught and learned on line now. We must "WAKE UP" and be part of the solution otherwise we will be part of the problem with unemployment in our next generation.

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