We're Off To A Mansion In London!

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We are heading over to stay in a Mansion in London!

We are really, really excited and we wanted to share our excitement with you.

Let us take you back a step.

Last September, we attended a digital marketing convention in Phoenix Arizona and this became a pivotal point in our business.

Just attending these events is so valuable. You meet incredible, like-minded people and you also rub shoulders with the leaders in their fields and have conversations that can propel your business forward.

Off the back of that event, we participated in a 30 Day Marketing Challenge and armed with our newly acquired knowledge, we set our goals.

We actually sat down together at LAX airport, before we flew back to Australia and mapped out our goals and how we were going to achieve them!!

To get where we wanted to be, we knew we had to be more aggressive in our marketing efforts. 

A Vision and A Plan

We were set!

We had a vision and a plan to make our goal a reality.

We had our daily actions that we recorded and we would check in with the other participants each week of the marketing challenge.

And if we had exciting news to share, we would check in mid week as well. And we did! We had many breakthroughs during these 4 weeks.

Significant Breakthroughs

The most significant ones really did take our business to another level. 

One surprising breakthrough that happened for us was being shown in the Top 5 Business Owners generating the most leads in 30 days and 60 days...this is a HUGE accomplishment!

We stayed in the Top 5 for over 3 months making it as high as Top 2!

And the most significant - our ultimate vision and goal was realised as a result of this 30 Day Marketing Challenge.

We achieved 10 for 10 and have been invited to attend an exclusive private event!!

What is 10 for 10 & What Does It Mean?

It is achieving a level of leadership that can only be attained by growing your business and it is measured by your revenue earned and by the members of your team.

Why Is It Significant?

The significance of 10 for 10 is HUGE! 

The SFM recognise everyone who achieves Level 1 Leadership.

  • You are invited to share your story on Justin Woolf's Elite Mastermind call.
  • You are invited to appear on the New Member Orientation Call.
  • You are also formally recognised on the Monthly Visionary Call with Jay and Stuart. 


You are invited to attend an exclusive 3 day event where the Leadership Team host the 10 participants who have achieved Level 1 Leadership and they train and educate and mentor the attendees.

You virtually get one-on-one training with the Leadership Team. 

In the past this exclusive private event has been held in New York, USA.

This year, it is being held in a mansion in London! 

Yes!! We are off to London! And we will be staying in a Mansion in London!

We will be attending the 10 for 10 event with the Leadership Team and other Level 1 Leaders in London in February...woohoo!

So excited!!!

An online business can take you places....this is just one of places it has taken us!

We would really like to help you and your business achieve this level as well.

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Trish and Chris

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