What does luck have to do with it? Success unmasked

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Pay attention! Because after reading this article your life will not be the same again. I am deeply convinced that we have things wrong and our society has gone the way it's going even up to today because of the way we think.

I can't tell it all about all the skews of our poor mentalities towards life, poor attitudes, and mediocre thinking. It makes me sick to my stomach. If only we knew some things maybe this world would be a better place. Maybe just maybe we would turn our lives around and in turn like a chain reaction turn the lives of others around.

Recently I wrote an article: Things I wish I had learned in school, but today I want to talk to you about the fundamental lessons of life. The laws of life and thoughts that will impact every area of your being.

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Today we are going to talk about success. We can not emphasize enough how its possible to achieve whatever we have envisioned in our lives.

Imagine if you woke up one day in this world where you had the choice to change what ever you want. If the path to whatever you want was clearly defined. If you were told just the right steps to take that would get you what you need and when you need. To top it off, what if in this world all things are possible. Whatever you want is available to you as long as you keep the laws that bring this kind of life to pass.

If you were told, in order to make it in this business just do A, B and C and all will be fine. How easy would it be for us to achieve our desired goals? What an interesting life it would be.

This is the kind of world we are living in!

People die because of lack of knowledge. This is a fundamental statement that could really change your life if you took some time to consider it carefully. If I know something you don't know I can do things you can't do. Our society has been planted on a shabby foundation where what could be important is made political and vice versa. We have somehow lost ourselves to our new toys to the extent that we live lives out of control when all the while we have all the power to do it all.

Success and fulfillment in this world of ours is as a result of Laws. Laws govern all things and control all things. I will give you a scenario. There are laws of seeds.

If you have seeds to give you fruit, you have to plant them in good soil because that would be the best environment for them. If you leave the seed on your cement and hope it will bring forth fruit then you have another thing coming. So laws produce results and also laws come with consequences.

The consequences of our ignorance can be seen everywhere in our world. We are stuck in poverty when we could change the way we think and make it out. It is amazing that two boys born in the favela in Brazil by the same mother, one can become rich while the other becomes very poor and get in all sorts of non-productive activities. This clearly tells us that it's not up to change or external factors that we should base our success.

"Laws come innately with natural consequences." Dr. Myles Munroe

In my society, it's amazing the kind of things that we are into. We spend nights on prayer mountains in order to beg God for success. We go to churches to look for holy water to sprinkle in our businesses to get a major breakthrough while we don't put in the necessary work needed. 

People resist change towards the kind of thinking that will get them where they need to be. When technology is introduced to make work easier, people rebel and throw bottles at innovators. It is amazing the kind of behavior people put up in order to fight for their ignorance. Just mind-boggling.

What is amazing is that all the while we hope and believe for signs of our change. We are just dreamers. I mean what new level of dreaming surpasses this? If not then we should go make good movies in the niche of fiction because stated simply this will not work for any of us.

Success is a result of obedience to laws. Laws cannot be substituted by prayer, prosperity doesn't come through prayer. Laws protect you, sustain you and give you confidence.

Definition: Success is not what you have done in contrast to what others have done. Success is a comparison based on your potential. If you get 50/100 and you are number one in your class you have still failed because you have missed your full potential.

Laws of success:-

  1. Intelligence: this is the application of knowledge. You need to be able to apply what you have learned effectively. Intelligence is a by-product of hard work. You need to fill your brain with knowledge and good, valuable to your cause. The application of this knowledge is what intelligence is all about.
  2. Motivation: you may have nothing right now and life doesn't make sense on how you are going to make it but laws learned to give you confidence in which path you should go. Motivation will move you forward when things look like they are not working your way.
  3. Imagination: now imagination was downplayed when we were young as a young people's mentality. People shun cartoons and sci-fiction because they think it's for kids. Hardly, those minds have perfectly used their imaginations to come up with out of the world ideas. These ideas are making millions so use your own imagination to come up with innovations and solutions to people's need.
  4. Will: your will is your ability to choose between various options. If you are going to be a success you need to make a personal choice towards a goal you are going to pursue and move towards that. It is amazing how we use our will to make decisions that are not helping us. We decide to watch tv for hours instead of working productively on material that will benefit us. Your will is your weapon you can use it fruitfully or shoot yourself into a grave.
  5. Creativity: I used to think creativity was coming up with something that we haven't seen before. This is not the case. Creativity is a matter of thinking differently. We need to observe what we have and with that think differently and that is creativity. We need to be creative with our solutions and resources if we are going to succeed in our endeavors.
  6. Time: this is another thing that causes problems in the area of success. People do not have the patience to wait for foundations to be established. Good success needs time, you need time for your site to get traction, you need time for people to read your blogs. You need time for things to fall into place. Getting success quick may not work for you in the long run as you'll have not grown the roots needed for the next level. What you invest in today dilligently will pay off later while you are asleep.

"Fear is evidence of ignorance" Dr. Myles Munroe

If I was to tell you the above laws and principles will help you achieve anything. Would you then go ahead and work them? It's is not magic if you look into the lives of all those who have become successful you will realize there are some common factors. These underlying factors create the pool from which all success chances come.

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Today a new day has dawned upon you. It is time to make a choice. What will be your next move towards the things you want? Will you sit down and continue to fast and pray as if to say things will work themselves out anyway or you will get up and put in the work? 

The choice is up to you. The choice comes with the consequence and also benefits.

You can choose which one you want now.