What’s Holding Back Your Health?

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What’s Holding Back Your Health ?

In the past weeks, we discussed ‘What your fitness was like right now’ If you missed it catch up here. We agreed that there was really one thing stopping you from achieving your fitness goals… But your fitness is only one aspect of your health so there are other things we can work on to have a truly healthy lifestyle.

For now, let’s ignore the biggest threat to your health and let’s talk smaller factors that are just as significant. Imagine for a second if we could take away all unhealthy habits, what would happen to the development of your fitness and overall health? You would have the lifestyle and happiness you really desire, right? However, it is no secret that we all take part in unhealthy habits, like watching TV, binge watching on Netflix, unhealthy eating, smoking and drinking but we sort of ignore them and carry on with our lives. The main problem with all these behaviours is that we spend time doing something that has a negative effect on our health rather than investing that time doing something that would benefit our health.

Your health should take priority all the time but we all know that having a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body is not easy and it requires effort and work. You must stay disciplined and true to your commitment. But the reason it becomes so difficult and a tough journey is because the average citizen works 8 hours or more, is full of work stress, fatigue, and worries. Once your day is done and is time to go home, the chances are you don’t have any more energy left, you want to rest and do something you enjoy. Now add to that trying to completely revolutionise your lifestyle to a healthier one by going to the gym, changing your diet etc… Is it possible? Yes, Can It be easier? OH, MY GOD YES!

If this is the first time reading one of my blogs, I am a full-time athlete (National Tennis Player in the UK to be exact, check me out on Instagram) and I came to this realisation last year and concluded that I had to change my life, so I changed it to this… 

Let’s go back to first question. What’s holding back your health? Now we can all agree that your ‘Work’ is the biggest health killer out there. The irony is that working is not a choice, to survive in the ‘real world’, work is a necessity, no work, no money, no bills getting paid! I like to keep things real and the reason people work 8 or more hours each day is to earn money. It doesn’t take too long to realise this, as soon as you step out of high school, reality kicks in and you start working. Personally, being an athlete all my life, during my junior years funding for trainings and tournaments was never a problem however once you stop being a junior athlete, training full time is not cheap at all and not being able to trade my time for money I had to find a solution… So, I started asking questions and researching everywhere to solve my problem… Check out what I found.

I must mention however that the more I researched the more I found out that so many athletes had the same problem I had… So, once I discovered this I realised that this could help not only other athletes but normal people trying to battle their way to a healthier lifestyle when it fact it should be an enjoyable journey, they say happiness is not a destination but a journey, yet so many people are struggling and unknowingly taking an unnecessary hard route to their goal. Think about it what would happen to your health if you had a lifestyle that didn’t revolve around your work?

To finish off, one more thing… If an 18-year-old boy can do it after stepping out of high school, then you can too!

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Stay focused.

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