What parents can do for their children

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All we want as parents are to make our children happy human beings. That is it. We want our children to be happy. We are trying our best to lead our children to happiness. The problem is that we, parents are imperfect, limited, confused beings ourselves but we have to guide our children in the right direction.. This is the scary thing. Each parent has their unique personality, experience and thought process, and these factors directly affect their children. 

I was born in 70's and brought up in Japan. My father was a bright man but he commited himself to be a baseball player so chose his path accordingly following his dream. He did not go to university, against his parents' will. With his dream broken through injury after playing professional baseball for a few years, he eventually listened to his parents' wish and worked in the local company where his younger, university graduated colleagues were climbing up the career ladder, leaving him behind. He always said to me, go to university and the graduation certificate will make sure you are in a good position in your life whatever you decide to do in the future. Get educated, make sure you can be financially independent. 

I do appreciate his advice and I believe it was probably right. However, now I am a parent myself, living in a very different time from when I was growing up. I don't think my father's advice is enough. So, the important question is ...how do we guide our children?

In this fast changing world, I believe children need to learn to have an entreprenerial mindset. Staying in employment mindset is too risky now. Question things, think independently, learn from experience, find their passion- whatever they do in their life, they have to work hard to be successful. If you love what you do, the hard work itself is the joy. I believe they should be educated about money so that they can be free from the stresses money brings. I don't want my children to be a slave to money like so many of us. I want them to be free and happy.

My girls are both in secondary school education where the pressure on academic success intensifies. I feel the need to show them a way. I want to be a positive rolemodel to them. I've now started to learn about digital marketing while keeping my parttime job. It has changed me so much. Loving what I do, being passionate in what I do, having a focus in my life has given me a huge shift in my consciousness, I feel energized and ... happy! 

If you want anybody to be happy, you have to be happy yourself first.

Open up. We are here to keep evolving ourselves. 

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