In search of freedom

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The 9 - 5

 Ive not been in the working world for long. It was just the next 'logical' step on from education after college - your friends and family say its the right thing to do so most people just follow suit. My work colleagues, when asked if they liked their job were almost certain to just reply 'well it pays the bills'. 

 Logically my 9-5 job in sales made a lot of sense with my salary being higher than the majority of my friends and some were even at University and in debt. I was also the only one out of my friends with a company car. On the face of it, I wasnt doing too badly at all. However I just wasnt convinced .. 

The pay and the company car was one thing and it made me stand out, but I just wasnt fulfilled in what I was doing. I was travelling to a warehouse 6 days a week 10 hours a day trying to convince people to buy from a company I had no clue about. Not to mention working for a manager none of us got along with. 

In search of freedom

The trouble is, although I didnt mind the job itslef and I could have even moved up as I grew older, I would get bored of feeling locked into a formal hierarchal structure. The idea of day in and day out trading my time for money and barely spending time to do the things I wanted to do just didnt appeal to me. I found myslef in search of freedom I love moving around, exploring and just want to learn and earn whilst I travel the world; which is when I discovered a new way of making money and at my own pace too.. living the laptop lifestyle; marketing at home from my computer. Anywhere with a wifi connection is somewhere to work to no ones schedule but your own.. 

Thats what appealed to me  

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