Why Affiliate Marketing is the Best Option for Seniors Starting an Online Business

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How come that affiliate marketing is the best option for baby boomers?

Affiliate marketing is the best option for seniors, baby boomers, retirees, people to retire soon…. The list can be extended. The common denominator is that people at the age of 55+ have a built-in resistance to start any new project in life, implying the same effort as 20 years ago. At this age, we all prepare for a more comfortable and less stressful life. In fact, after 30,40 maybe 50 years of being highly productive for society, we deserve a more relaxed lifestyle.

So far, so good, but a year ago, an unexpected pandemic changed everything. We do not only lose jobs, but positions disappear forever. You have to go back to the Great Depression of 1929 to find something similar.

The route out from the crisis back then was very much focused on financial aid and stimulation. The New Deal, implemented by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, is an excellent example of measures taken.

Most countries are today increasing their national debts to confront the crisis. Hopefully, the newly started vaccination will help the world to at least be in control of the situation.

Various studies analyze the vulnerability of different groups in society, not only from a health perspective but also from the complete picture.

What can a 55 years person do when losing the job because the company is paying out a monthly salary for the last 25 years just went bankrupt? It will be a tough time to find a new job in a dramatically reduced labor market, competing with younger professionals.

Instead of describing all the negative consequences of Covid-19, is there any light in the tunnel?  read more...