Why do You Hate Mondays and What to do About It

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If you hate Mondays, you can fix it in three easy steps

To hate Mondays is a "disease" many are suffering from. And it doesn't happen once but every single week around the year, except on public-holidays-Mondays.

The thing is that you can make a change already today. It's not only a question about whether you can do it or not but that you're the only one who can do it. Get to know the "formula" and stop cheating yourself.

Forget about hating or disliking certain days of the week. Monday represents 12.5% of your life. Why should you suffer these days when you instead can love the same days by implementing a few simple but powerful steps into your life?

The traditional way of life done by the majority is to get an education and a job and trade your time and knowledge for a monthly paycheck. My previous article discussed the monthly salary as a "drug." Without even noticing it, you are into the hamster wheel, where the money becomes the "drug," and you get addicted to it.

No one using drugs like the vicious circle they are in, but they lack the knowledge or courage to quit it. Most people who hate Mondays do not even like their job, but in a way, money is the driver…" the drug."

Not necessarily you have to hate your job. Still, according to a Gallup survey, 66% of employees worldwide are not engaged or are actively disengaged in their job.

The lack of satisfaction with the job is the primary reason to hate Mondays, and the syndrome is growing bigger. The typical response and the solution's standard intent is to change employment. It sounds good as a theory, but how easy is that, especially in these times of hyperinflation and post-pandemic?...Read More!>>

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