Why I got out of the building game and started an online business.

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After 30 years sweating my bollocks off with the mud and dust.... I had enough! but I didn't know what else I could do... that's why I stayed in the building game so long.

Trained as a carpenter and went on to run a partnership business for 7 years and after a breakdown !Eventually going solo building another business  Renovating properties. Tried working for someone for a few years ,never liked a boss telling me what to do and when to do it ! That's the stuff that inspired me to be my own boss and be in control of my future. 

It does not mean you have more time to yourself, quite the opposite, on site most days, paperwork in the evening, organising labour and materials for the next day and following weeks. It's endless clients sending you emails in the evening and at weekends. Sometimes this really got to me and would ruin my weekend.  


The last straw.  

Had a few projects on which were all contract work which means you have to fund them supplying materials and labour for at least 2 months before you get a penny, funny you couldn't walk in Tesco's and fill the trolley and walk out saying i will pay you in 2 months. Free credit!

There was a feeling of being used and abused..... Trying to keep the architect happy dealing with all the amendments and alterations and cost variations, building control, clients that are mostly afraid because the builders are pulling their only asset to bits, causing disruption to their daily lives, and some clients that have a bit of knowledge they think! Because of DIY programs are a nightmare.The team that work for you which were great but still needed to be mothered I need this ! I haven't got that! Chasing contractors and specialist materials. 

This was not the business I loved anymore. feeling controlled 24/7 many a time having to see a client at the weekend because they are so busy in the week.

When you take on contract work there is a 5% retention of the total contract amount that is deducted from every intermittent payment until the end of the contract date. At that point, you are entitled to 2.5% and then the other 2.5% you have to wait for 3 to 6 months depending on the contract,which is alot on a £500,000 project and that 2.5% is usually your profit margin.


2017 I was trying to get some projects in, pricing up various tender packages from various architects at my cost and against 4 to 5 other contractors with no joy, and at the same time thinking this is bullshit ! what am I doing? I need to get out , what can i do? This is all I know, and not in a great financial position to give up work, got a mortgage to pay and a children to provide for.


My partner was working alongside me in the business doing the paperwork CIS, VAT, general office work and with no projects booked in so nothing to do. Ania decides to look how to make a living and to improve our life

Over the years we have achieved and finished some great projects regardless of some clients that made life very difficult at times for various reasons.

We both like to travel and we love to skydive living a healthy lifestyle.

Last year Ania was online and showed me this guy in a pedalo floating around in the Indian ocean.. he was saying how he was living the laptop life, travelling around doing the things he loved. Offering a way to join him. I was thinking lucky smarmy git I would love some of that.

There was a voice in my head saying that only happens to other people.

My partner mentioned this guy in the pedalo and was thinking of joining, I didn't take much notice and said go for it as I was still preoccupied trying to get some work that didn't really want but still had the fear of not knowing what else to do.

Weeks go by and still no work ...... Ania has dived in and was learning how to have an online business, Ania was focused and excited to make this work and said this is it! I showed some interest based on her enthusiasm she showed some videos of what they were all about.

I was gobsmacked at what they were saying, how you can start an online business from scratch with everything on one platform within 3 months.

I jumped on board with my partner and I haven't looked back!


If your not in it, you can't win it ! Click the link  http://designnewlife.com/start

Dean & Ania 


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