Why Job Security is a Myth and Why It's Time For a Change

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If you think, "although I don't really like my job, the commute, and all the other crap that come's with it, at least I'm financially secure"... you'd be dead wrong.

I was having a conversation with one of my good friends the other day, and being the devout entrepreneur and business owner, I've always been adamant that working for someone else is simply horrendous.

In other words, I'm pretty much unemployable now.

But my friend, he's the stark opposite.

He said to me he hated working for a boss that treated him like a piece of shit on the bottom of his shoe, working the ridiculous hours he's obliged to do as an assistant chef (they're like, 12 hour split shifts sometimes), but he was glad he has a secure job.

Thing is, nowadays, there's no such thing.

You could work for a great company, love your career, have all your ducks in a line, then one day, poof, it's all gone.

It's like having the rug pulled out from under your feet.

Many companies are struggling now for a number of different economic reasons, many of which right now are political. Some have no choice but to make cut's, and often its in the form of people's jobs.

Another friend and former personal training client of mine experienced this fairly recently.

He had a great job in London, absolutely loved what he was doing, and weirdly he even appreciated the commute! (fucking weirdo, but each to his own)

Then one day, a 30 minute meeting later, he's made redundant. 

Just like that, his job's gone, life turned upside down, and because he's far from the self employed type, he's now got to get out there and find another job in an already tough and highly competitive environment.

Now, the thing I'm trying to get you to realize here is there's no such thing as a stable job. Time's aren't what they used to be, where you'd work for one company for the whole of your life, shit has changed.

If you wanna be truly self reliant as far as financial freedom goes, you've gotta take things into your own hands.

Luckily though, technology is also changing, and because of the booming digital economy you've got a great opportunity to cash in...

Using nothing but your passions and interests, and the technology that's already available.

Curious to know what I'm on about?

You should be.

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Talk soon,

P.S - In the UK alone, 3 out of 1000 employees are made redundant each year, which might not seem a lot, but considering the number of people in the UK working right now, and the number of redundancies is likely to increase when each new report come's out, that's pretty fucking bad.

Most (NOT ALL) people working in a job don't think much about it, they simply put their head down and get on with it for "the sake of their families".

Then those same people wonder what the hell happened when they're kicked on their arse by their company after years of service, and handed a small lump sum, accompanied with a "thank you, but fuck off now please".

The question is this - Will you let yourself become a statistic, or do you wanna start securing your own future while you've still got the regular income to support you.

Food for thought. But if you do wanna sort things out now, register for that Free workshop below. You'll thank me later.

All here on this FREE on-demand online business building workshop.

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