Why Passion is the True Way to Success

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Are you still searching for the true way to success?

Have you ever tried to find out the relationship between passion and the true way to success? This provocative question will probably initiate a process where you start to think about certain things in life.

It could be that you have already been highly successful on something. But it could also be that you only have had a passion without taking action. Maybe you have been striving for success but failed. The combinations can be many, but the key to unlocking the correct solution is one and only.

The relationship between passion and the true way to success is like the brick and the cement; you need both for solid construction.

Often we read about successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and many more. They can be individuals in different niches and with entirely different personalities. Still, they all have at least one thing in common. Their success always is a consequence of what they love to do.

Walt Disney is an excellent example of a perfect relationship between passion and success. As a passionate cartoon producer, he struggled through his early years as an entrepreneur. Failure after failure never stopped him from his love for cartoons and later animated films. The rest is a well-known success story.

No matter whom you would like to take as an example as a successful entrepreneur, one thing is sure. Money is never the driver! In many cases, it’s even the opposite. Those famous entrepreneurs had to fight hard to get their project appropriated financed...continue reading!>>


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