Why Pausing Could be the Best Way to Progress

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The best way to progress could be the opposite of what you think 

Best way to progress sometimes take a path different from how your brain is typically programmed. In the case of running an online business, social media is crucial for a long-time success. Pausing your social media activities means voluntarily giving up money and opportunities we could otherwise take advantage of.

But does that mean you'll abandon all hope of earning more if you take a break? It certainly doesn't!

A nonstop performance is impossible 

Whether a one-person business or a company with various human beings, every business is based on personal efforts. The input of people working with the business creates the final result. To believe that this endless effort is the best way to progress could produce the opposite effect.

There are three different valid reasons to pause what you're doing:

  1. You are tired and your human "mechanism" needs to rest to replenish new energy. To give your body and mind the opportunity do this, you need to rest.
  2. Often, an overwhelming working situation can be the roadblock to your goal. You want to do so much, and you become your own obstacle at a certain point.
  3. This third point is often the description we all entrepreneurs become a victim of. And that's a combination of the two previous reasons.

Whatever you can refer to, take it seriously and do something about it. By doing it in a planned and straightforward way, you will be the winner...continue reading!>>

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