Why the Extinction of Black Friday Is Coming Closer

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The extinction of Black Friday is not a question of “if”, but about “when” and “how”.

The process of the extinction of Black Friday is moving on while you still are digesting the turkey from yesterday. By the way happy Thanksgiving to all U.S. fellows.

Today it’s a traditional shopping day. It’s the day when the bargain of the year, or at least for this coming Christmas, will be your goal.

Two years ago I wrote in my blog post that, “This year we will probably remember as the year of the changes.”

Black Friday is an old tradition, and the shopping part of it is going back to almost a century ago. By then we didn’t have a clue about the next Internet and online business development. Black Friday was designed for a typical retail approach.

You are still eager to spend money and make the bargain of the year, but the purchase pattern has changed completely.

Figures show clearly the trend. Total sales are up year after year, while the number of people visiting retail stores is declining. So, a better word for the extinction of Black Friday would then be the pattern change of Black Friday.

In the Internet world, we are living today, everything changes and it goes fast. You can dive into any niche in society, and you will see changes everywhere.

The Missing Variable for the Extinction of Black Friday


However, there is still a variable to consider and to argue the extinction of Black Friday. The traditional retail business needs for practical reasons a fixed day or weekend to go all in for a super flash sale event like Black Friday. The Internet businesses do not deal with that obstacle but can launch campaigns whenever they want.

There is a clear tendency to flatten out the Black Friday bargain event, to take place over a more extended period of time. The first visible evidence is Cyber Monday that can be traced back to 2005 when it officially took off.

The history behind Cyber Monday follows an entirely different path than Black Friday and is an excellent example of that new purchase habits generate new ways of doing things.

Extinction of Black Friday or not, a new era is taking over in our lives. The Internet is part of your new daily life. You just can’t live without it.

The increasing amount of offers available online, is a direct consequence of that more people are offering products or services. In other words, more sales offer gives more purchase orders.

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