Why you need a business mentor

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A mentor is a trusted advisor who is ideally skilled and experienced in your desired field. Mentors are beneficial because they are someone who has typically already done what you are aspiring to do. A key to success, is surrounding yourself with those that you wish to become. By having a close relationship with a mentor, you pick up on the habits and little secrets which made them successful.

Chances are you already had a mentor in your life and you never knew it. The most common first mentor in our lives is our parents. Think where you would be, if you did not have your parent or guardian helping you through life while growing up. A mentor acts just like a parent, but concentrates typically in a certain niche or field, like business. Personally, my mentor is Stuart Ross, who is a highly successfully online marker and entrepreneur (click here to meet my mentor)

Beginners need mentors

You need a business mentor because you are likely inexperienced in the digital age of business. Anything than can go online, will go online.  The NFA reported in 2018 that by 2024 e-commerce will overtake traditional retail. Therefore, it is essential to re-skill yourself and become competent in modern marketing strategies like having a strong social media presence.

mentor nourishing menteeIf you are someone that is starting your own business or is going sideways in your current business ventures, you need a business mentor to help you reach the threshold of success and that’s mastering the online business world. A mentor will help speed up the learning process, so you can level up faster and reach your goals before your competition.

Learn from their mistakes

Mistakes in business can set you back months and even years. It’s inevitable that you will make mistakes and mistakes are often valuable, as you learn a great deal from mistakes. However, avoiding the mistakes that your mentors made in their journey, will again fast track your business success.

Open up Networks

You need a business mentor because they can be the key to open up a whole new world of business contacts. Mentors can give you access to suppliers, partners and even customers that you simply did not have before. Mentors can endorse you to others in your chosen field which will open up opportunities, allowing your business to grow faster than previously possible.  The old saying, ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ is particularly accurate in the business world. If you want to get ahead, having a strong group of connections is serious leverage to success.

A different perspectiveman teaching boy in jungle

Often, it is hard to see what we are doing wrong ourselves, it takes someone looking in from the outside and that’s exactly what a mentor is. Mentors offer a fresh and experienced opinion that we may not have considered ourselves. Mentors will offer constructive criticism. With mentors, there is no sugar coating. Simply, your mentor can offer you direct advice and a clear path. You need a business mentor because they will hold you accountable to your goals. It’s easy to set business targets when no one knows if you fail those targets. Mentors will critique your performance and keep you on track to achieving your goals and analyse and review your failings.

Support system

A mentor acts as your personal cheerleader. A mentor always holds onto your best interests and is there to give you a confidence boost when you are feeling down. As a mentor has typically already experienced the failures and difficulties in your field, they can empathize with your struggles. Family and friends may also be a support system but they cannot understand your struggles as they haven’t experienced them themselves.

A trusted advisor

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It’s hard to know who to trust in the business world. There are a lot of empty promises and false guarantees from people desperate to make a quick sale. Having a mentor gives you a trusted advisor who you can count on. You can speak freely and get an unfiltered opinion by someone with no alternate agenda. You can discuss product ideas, run a sales pitch via an email or have a weekly coffee and talk about your next strategies, with the peace of mind that your mentor is invested in your success.

Finding a mentor

You can do this in many ways. Some universities offer mentorship programs. There are programs available where you can seek mentorship from a past university student and also be a mentor to a junior student yourself. A key ingredient in business is first giving back and by giving, you open the door to receiving. Being a mentor yourself can be extremely rewarding and you learn more about yourself by coaching others.

Another method is simply ask someone you admire.  You could ask an old school teacher, a friend’s parent or a distant business contact. Most people become a mentor because they generally enjoy giving back and helping others get to where they are. It may be as simple as asking them to check an invoice over an email or asking what they think of a business idea over a short phone call. You may be surprised the amount of people that are willing to help others who reach out to them.

Another option is to join an online program. A simple google search will return numerous workshops and members clubs you can join. I am a member of The Six Figure Mentors. The program is an educational platform that teaches you everything about online business. Its mentors are world class in their field and have built 8 figure businesses. If I have a question about my business I can ask support staff at any time and if I want to talk to other mentees, there is a 6000 strong Facebook group for networking and conversing. This is why you need a business mentor. They simply give you significant access to major resources and open up possibilities that were not there before. If you would like to know more about the Six Figure Mentors, click here for their FREE video training series.

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